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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by paulo673, May 27, 2010.

  1. paulo673

    paulo673 Guest

    Hi ,i hope to be relocating soon to Brisbane from Scotland,i am joining Queensland Fire service -thats my job here in Scotland.I hope to rent for a year and would like any advice on areas/costs etc-we want a nice area,quiet but hopefully views and easy access to cafes bars etc.

    Are there any organised get togethers to meet people and start a social circle? im into weight training swimming reading,sociable drinker and mrs is social worker also likes gym but reads a lot and dog lovers we both share that.

    thanks in anticipation guys

  2. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    I guess it really depends on where you will be based job wise, and it also depends on budget! You could probably pick up somewhere basic - 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom for anything from around $350 a week - for example.....12 North Street, Redland Bay, Qld 4165 - House for Rent #404588120 -

    Do you have any children? What about transport links - will you both have a car or will you need to rely on the train at all?

    The area that I live in called the Bayside area - council area is the Redlands Shire.

    We love it here and it seems to offer everything we need. It's close to the water - there are plenty of houses with views, it has a good mix of suburban and rural areas, there's shopping centres and village centres, with cafes and bars.

    Lots of places to walk the dogs - one of my favourites is along the water front at Victoria Point.

    Anyway, that's just a little bit of info - suburbs you might want to look at are Wellington Point, Ormiston, Cleveland, Thornlands, Victoria Point and Redland Bay.

    Ask if you need any more specific info


  3. paulo673

    paulo673 Guest

    thats great thanks,think i would be working roma street,we are coming ourselves no kids,he is staying here.That a big help i will check out areas etc thanks.
  4. hugh&isis

    hugh&isis New Member

    hi there Paul, we also from Scotland, Glasgow, we thinking of moving to Brisbane but it will be in 2 years, good luck and maybe keep in touch when we all in Brisbane. Please stay on Forum so we can ask you questions when you in Oz.
  5. paulo673

    paulo673 Guest

    we are from Fife- we hope to do a year -on career break to see how well we settle and adjust,my mates friends moved there 25 yrs ago-one of them is estate agent now-hes from Dunfermline so i hope to be liaising with him for advice/guidance etc---if we like it we will stay for rest of my career (17 yrs) or can return after year to our jobs
  6. JXR2000

    JXR2000 Guest

    Hi Paul,

    we are moving to Brisbane in the next few months, just tying up some loose ends right now. We used to live there previously so know the place well, spent most of our time living in the Paddington area (not far from Roma St and a great part of town). We have been in Scotland for a few years due to my work and are now heading back. I have dual nationality so we are waiting on just one visa.

    We live close to Stirling, so if you would like to catch up for a chat with me and the good lady sometime you are more than welcome, i am sure we can provide you with plenty of ideas. We are taking our dog with us, seems to be nearly as expensive as moving the house! Hope you enjoy the job at Roma St, the old firestation was just being knocked down there when we left, i was back a few months ago and they have replaced it with a spanking new place..

    Drop a note here on the forum or pm if you'd like to meet up


    PS anyone else in Scotland interested in meeting up or just help with info let us know.
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  7. paulo673

    paulo673 Guest

    brisbane from scotland

  8. JXR2000

    JXR2000 Guest

    Hi Paul,

    msg sent to your email. cheers
  9. John and Morag

    John and Morag New Member

    We're moving from North Ayrshire to Brissie this year (please <insert relevant diety here>).

    Not sure where in Brissie yet though but could be out Mount Gravatta and its environs.
  10. Kelly Clan

    Kelly Clan New Member

    Hi John & Morag,

    Where about's in Ayrshire are you moving from? We moved out here from Killie 6yrs ago and have never looked back. When are you planning the big move?

  11. John and Morag

    John and Morag New Member

    We're up near Beith, and hoping to get to Brissie this year.
  12. Kelly Clan

    Kelly Clan New Member

    Good luck with the move:rofl:
  13. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    were in the process of bookin our ielts test how did you find it did both of you have to take it
  14. John and Morag

    John and Morag New Member

    We didn't have to take any tests.
  15. Kelly Clan

    Kelly Clan New Member

    Us either. What's the test for?
  16. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    beleive it or not its an english test nikki, s a nurse , she,s been told by an agent that she has to pass the test to get a job its called ielts test
  17. JXR2000

    JXR2000 Guest

    IELTS tests?? i think the agent is pulling your leg. I am pretty certain that if english is your native language you dont need to take a test, and if english is a second language but the nursing degree was taken at a university which taught in english then it shouldnt be required either, i dont know the requirements to register as a nurse in QLD, but i cant see them asking you to take a test if you clearly are capable of speaking the language.

    I dont know all the details relating to your situation but perhaps you should double seems a little strange, given your names and that your written english here seems pretty normal, i am assuming you were born and raised in the UK?

    Some info from Australia House re IELTS 457 visa (this should be same for each visa class but there are a hundred or more, can you give more info on yours?);

    Who must meet the requirement?

    All primary applicants must meet the English language requirement for visa grant unless they fall into one of the categories of exempted persons:
    • the applicant is a passport holder from Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States of America
    The list goes on, but the bit above seems like it could be relevant to you

    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 16, 2010
  18. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Sorry but you will now find IELTS is requiered by all imigrants who come over as nurses, it has been that way for a couple of years now. it is a requierment for the visa. Only the visa applicant has to take the IELTS. Not the rest of the family. It does not matter if you were born in an English speaking country or claim it to be your native language.

    It is not needed for the majority of visas, but nurses is one that requiers it along with a couple of others.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2010
  19. hugh&isis

    hugh&isis New Member

    It really does help if you have someone there that will give advice on a place, good luck and hope all goes well, we looking to move in 2 years, phoned an agency to find out how long visa's would take they said 18 months? They also said in total cost to apply would be £6000.00??? Think they at it. Reading from the forums it looks like it could take 6 to 12 months as I (Isis) am a nurse and they short of them in Oz, also think it would cost £2500.00 for visa apps if we do it on our own, does this sound familiar??
  20. JXR2000

    JXR2000 Guest

    Hi H&I,

    the process isnt cheap, i am a dual national already so no problem, but my wife is applying along the spouse route and the costs do stack up;
    • Medicals', Xrays etc
    • Police clearances
    • Application fee
    The above alone is about GBP1500 per person and non refundable
    No doubt there will be nurse registration fees etc for your job. For 2 of you then you can at least double that fee above, so GBP3,000 looks to be a good starting point.

    GBP6,000 seems pricey, i am not sure what the other 3k would be for in your case, perhaps you could ask the agent to break it down to make sure they are not pulling your leg, they will of course want their pound of flesh, however if you are resonably organised it is easy to do it all yourself.

    My wife's visa is going to take about 4 months max, we are waiting at the moment. For your circumstances it may take longer as you seem to be looking to be skills or employer sponsered, which adds a few more assesments by the relevant bodies. The sooner you start the better, from memory once you have the visa you have up to 18 months or something like that to activate it by entering Australia.


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