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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by JOCROC, Oct 18, 2008.


    JOCROC Guest

    Schooling plays a major part in our decision of where to settle round Brisbane, so we would be keen to find a good state school (or possibly private?) in the area. How do we judge the schools there, is there any leage tables or anything similar to the UK OFSTED?

    We like Cleveland, North Lakes and Redcliffe with a view to commute to the CBD for work - are these OK?

    Thanks for any help!!

    John & Rachel

  2. ABCDiamond

    ABCDiamond An old Member (agewise)

    There are some excellent private schools in the Cleveland area. Sheldon College and Ormiston College being two of them.

    There are no league tables as yet, and the recent NAPLAN school results are not very reliable for QLD, as they are national tests, but each State currently has different sylabus timings, and therefore some children in QLD have already been tested in areas that they do not study until this term !!

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