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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by nicolaj, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. nicolaj

    nicolaj Guest


    Does anyone have any personal experience of the schools in wynnum-manly? In particular 'Moreton Bay Boys College' and also 'Brisbane Bayside.' Am looking for a good co-ed state school for my 15 yr. old dtr and I have read in one post 'to avoid all wynnum schools'.

    Are there any other good schools anyone can recommend in that area?

    Otherwise it means moving further out along the Cleveland line, but I am concerned about the commute time - does anyone know the commute time from Cleveland itself to the cbd please?

    Also people have mentioned 'to avoid certain areas in wynnum' can anyone elborate on what areas exactly?

    Thanks for any help/advice offered

    Nicolaj and family :confused:


  2. heldownunder

    heldownunder New Member

    Mine are too young for high school but Wynnum state school is actually in Manly so catches children from wynnum, manly etc
    a friend if mine is head if a very successful state high and is friends with head at wynnum and its definately on the up. Also i do supply teaching at manly state and the teachers there are being more positive about it.

    Give it a visit - depends mainly on your child whether they do well or not- if they r easily led then maybe look at private sector!!! Redlands college, ormiston college etc
  3. nicolaj

    nicolaj Guest


    Thanks for that, we will definitely visit for ourselves. I know Ormiston and Redlands are good schools, but we would have to live forther out from wynnum-manly for our dtr to go to those schools. Unless there was aschool bus I suppose.

    Its all alot to think about,

    Thanks for now,

  4. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    There are a number of kids who bus it into Ormiston College from Wynnum and Manly. I think it's a school bus that does the run in. There is also the train which comes to Ormiston and it's a short walk to the school - my daughter's friend catches the train from Wynnum.

    Same for Redlands - don't know about buses, but again, the train stops close to the school.

    Bayside College I am afraid I have only heard bad reviews of.

    Moreton Bay Boys College has a very good reputation.

    The train from Cleveland takes an hour into the CBD


  5. Caroline

    Caroline Guest

    Oh this is disappointing! as I thought Wynnum -Manly would be a great place to settle with our two teenagers! I had not heard any bad reports about Wynnum state high school and Bayside College. Where can I get more feed back about the schools in the area? We are not considering private schools, but we are as yet undecided about which suburb to move to. We are not too keen on the newer estates, would prefer an older suburb for the character and near the coast. Any suggestions anyone?

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