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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by THEGARRISONS, Jul 26, 2010.



    Greetings all ,

    We are due to move over late October and our eldest daughter will be due to start school in the next academic year, I have read that school fees apply, any idea how much these would be? We found a school that we thaught was perfect but the cost all in all was about $3000 a year, so im guessing its a private school? but i have no basis for comparison, any help would be appriciated, thanks !

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Firstly costs will depend on what type of visa you are here on.

    If you are here on a Permanent Residency visa (136,175 etc) and choose to send your children to a public school you will have to pay for -

    1- School Uniform- (most people buy logo shirts from school, plain shorts etc from Dept Store)
    2- School books, pencils,paper,tissues (costs varies depending on school year, for prep approx $100
    3- School contribution fee, (payable at start of year, varies school to school but approx $35)
    4- School outings, trips and play throughout the year ( approx $50)

    Private schools will also incur the yearly costs which varies school to school and can be between ($2000 and $4000 but does reduce the more children you have there)

    If you are on a student or sponsorship visa you will pay more fees than someone on a PR visa, but i am not sure on amounts,sorry.

    Hope this helps a little
    Cal x


    Thanks for the info , seems it will only be a few quid for a public school thats a relief! my kids hold australian passports and citizenship as my wife is an australian citizen it will only be myself on the perminant visa.

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