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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by poolguy, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. poolguy

    poolguy New Member

    Hi all,

    Im in Adelaide at the moment and have been thinking about Brisbane for some time.
    I found this site which appears to be a sister site to poms in adelaide.
    While mooching around i noticed several names from Adelaide who have skipped across to Brissy.
    Soooo, my question is to those who made the move over,,,,,,,,,,, why????
    Would be interesting to hear other peoples views.
    If you would rather pm me thats fine:wink:



  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I have relocated a couple of family's who couldn't settle in Adelaide.
    The main thing both family's seemed surprised by was prices. They said things were cheaper here, even a loaf of bread. Cant comment personally as i have not visited Adelaide yet but it seems a popular choice for people who worry Brisbane may get too hot.
    Cal x
  3. Fred

    Fred New Member

    Hi Colin

    We moved up from Sydney last year. We were happy there for 5 years, but somehow Brisbane feels like home for us. Life is more relaxed here. The climate is fabulous....depending on where you live, you don't seem to get the extremes of temperatures you get in other states.

    It's hard to put my finger on exactly why life is better here....but it is!!

  4. poolguy

    poolguy New Member

    Hey Fred,

    The weather is one thing we find difficult. I didnt realise how cold it got in winter.
    When i first got here it was winter and i was in a tee shirt and shorts while the guy i was training with had jacket on. Now im climatised i have the jacket on.:mad:
    Has been known to freeze here at night:frown:
    It is a lovely place though with stunning scenery great beaches all within easy reach. but, something is missing!!!!
    Like you said about Sydney not quite "home".


  5. PommyPaul

    PommyPaul New Member

    We have just moved from Aldinga to the Gold Coast. Climate was a big draw - we thought the dry climate was better but after fully experiencing it and acclimitising we decided it wasn't. Many, many other factors, just was not enough there for us, never felt settled or like we were in australia. Could talk on various points for hours but you just have to go where you think best and take it from there.....

  6. We are currently living in Aldinga Beach and are looking into moving to the Gold Coast. Out here now on a visit and it is another world form where we are at the moment. Adelaide is nice but their is not the infrastructure in place the road are shocking their is just so much more to the Gold Coast for us and the kids.
    Just got to sell up after the rellies have visited at christmas....

  7. PommyPaul

    PommyPaul New Member

    We felt the same, Adelaide is nice but the Gold Coast is nicer. Just depends where you have come from in the UK and what you are used to and looking for. We are used to having everything to do, then we can take it or leave it. When you are in a place where there is nothing to do you don't have much choice, that is the problem, a lack of choice and variety!!! Go on your gut feeling and you wont be far wrong, we are gald we did it.

  8. Fudgley

    Fudgley Guest

    Hey Jim,
    We moved up to Brisbane 8 months ago after 3 years in Glenelg and a year in Melbourne.
    Its the best move we have made, Beautiful weather, lots to do, and we made lots of friends in no time. Most of them Aussies too. The locals here seem much less reserved than Oddelaidians.
    Make the move before your rellies come,I reckon they'll like it much better up here than in Adelaide.
  9. Bob SA

    Bob SA Guest

    Hey Colin,
    fancy seeing you on here !!!! You kept this quiet !!!! Were thinking about it too and if you go who's going to help me with my pool when i need it ????
    Its very quiet on this site :wub:
  10. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    Quiet but helpful :wub:

    Ask and the answers come flying in......


  11. poolguy

    poolguy New Member

    Me if we end up in Goldie :tongue:

  12. simes

    simes Guest

    looks like i'll have to move too, so you can carry on replacing my pool bits.

  13. poolguy

    poolguy New Member

    Ha ha heres another one sloping around the east coast:laugh:
    There won't be anyone left in poor old SA soon:err:
  14. SA Great

    SA Great New Member

    As you can tell by my name I live in SA! However, I am starting to get itchy feet after 19 years in SA. Adelaide is a lovely place and you just can't beat the summer days, however, I have always hated the winters, cold nights even in summer and sometimes really struggle to find things to do. My main concern about moving to Brissie/Gold Coast is just how bad is the humidity in summer? I have a real soft spot for the Gold's big and tacky like me!! So all you people that have lived in both, just what are the advantages and disadvantages of both places? I live in Flagstaff hill so could you give me a rough idea of a similar type of suburb in Brissie South/Gold Coast area.
    Many thanks
  15. PommyPaul

    PommyPaul New Member

    We chose Gold Coast over Brisbane for many different reasons, far too many to type! Everyone says you aclimitise (which I never really believed) and you do. The humidity really is not as bad as everyone makes out, far easier to deal with than 46oc. It is only 3 months of the year, and the 1st and 3rd month are not as bad as the 2nd. You also get plenty of cloud movement to take the strain off the sun, rain to cool things down, everywhere is green, you can use your pool 9 months of the year - if not more. I like being able to sit out at night in 20 - 22oc, unlike SA where even on a hot day it gets too cold. Spring and Autumn are perfect and winter is a very cold 20oc during the day, it's a tough gig!

    Not sure on similar areas to Flagy in Brisbane, but you are spoilt for choice on the coast. Main thing is budget and location, the more you got the better - but saying that you can still find some deals. How much would you have to spend? Then I might be able to help more. :smile:

  16. SA Great

    SA Great New Member

    Thanks Paul, probably looking to spend between $500,000 and $600,000 on a house.
    So the main advantages that Brissie/Gold Coast has over Adelaide is better all year round weather? I am guessing there is more to do as well??
  17. PommyPaul

    PommyPaul New Member

    We found on the south side of Brissie Carindale and Carina were really nice and you would get a good place there for that, but I am no expert on Brissie.

    On the Gold Coast you could get a really nice place for that money in a good suburb, now is the time to be doing it as the property market is on the move here. We are on the north side of the GC in Coombabah, look there and runaway bay, paradise point, arundel, southport - let me know if anything there grabs you.

    Better all year round weather is such a bonus, and it's so nice when it's green in the summer. There is no end of things to do, the traffic is not a problem on the coast - I would go as far to say that it is less than Adelaide city and easier to get around. Was in the sea today and the sea temp was 25oc, sooooooo nice! There is no end of things to do and places to go, beautiful mountains, beaches, theme parks (family pass for Qld residents $99), I would not live anywhere else! I have spoken to a lot of people from all over and Oz and the general opinion is that it is the best place in Oz to live. Just let me know if you want to know anything in particular :biggrin:
  18. SA Great

    SA Great New Member

    Thanks for all the info Paul, its a great help. Hope to see you soon!!
  19. PommyPaul

    PommyPaul New Member

    No probs. Also look at Helensvale and Pacific Pines. There are new developments going on but they tend to be further out on new undeveloped land. Coomera and Upper Coomera is getting very popular with new places being built all the time. If you look on google maps you will be able to see the areas I am talking about and then you can right click on them and get "directions from here", put in surfers paradise or Brisbane etc.... and it will tell you how long the journey will take - will give you an idea of how far away certain suburbs are.:rofl:
  20. PommyPaul

    PommyPaul New Member

    One more thing - have you noticed that this site is so quiet compared to PIA?

    Also you don't see many posts saying we are going home now - going back to the UK.

    There is a reason for this, everyone is too busy enjoying themselves up here :wink:

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