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Discussion in 'Renting & Real Estate' started by Kelly P, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Kelly P

    Kelly P Guest


    Can anyone give the name of any good estate agents in the Daisy Hill/Shailer Park/Chatswood area. I have been looking at John Ahern but that seems to be the only one i can find with any properties that have interested us so far!!:err:
    Also, does the monthly fee include all household amenities or are they seperate?

    Am looking to rent a 3 bed house, so what should i be expected to pay for monthly outgoings???

    Many thanks if you can help!!!!!!:confused:

  2. Bazza&Jules

    Bazza&Jules New Member

    Hi kelly
    lj hooker, ray whites, remax, ozinvest realty.
    The areas ur looking in mind are crap!!! my mate lives in daisy hill and is very depressed there!! She is hoping to move to wynnum.
    She"s looking to move out of her rental in the next mth or 2. its a 3 bedder with pool, I think its 380.
    Your rent covers your rates as well. You have to pay for everything else.
    Cheers Jules x
  3. Kelly P

    Kelly P Guest

    Hey Jules, thanks for the info. It now leads me to ask what it is your friend doesn't like about Daisy Hill area. We only suggested the area as it is near to a garage that my husband will hopefully be able to get work in. Any info would be really useful.
    Many thanks,
  4. Bazza&Jules

    Bazza&Jules New Member

    she says, very quiet, people keep themselves to themselves, quite a few old people there. Schl not great either.
    Where is OH gonna be working?? maybe we can help you on areas x
  5. Kelly P

    Kelly P Guest

    Hey, we are hopeing that John will get a job in either of the BMW garages as this is who he works for over here and we have been in contact and they are interested in him. We have contact the one in Chatswood Road, the other dealership in Brisbane (the name escapes me) so we are aiming to go anywhere central to both dealerships really. Any help would be greatly appreciated though!!!! It is so hard doing it from over here. Also we are a family of 4, we have a teenage daughter (14) and a nearly 3 year old, can you recommend any decent schools for herself?? Sorry if i am putting on you!!!!!!!!!! Many thanks again Jules xx
  6. Bazza&Jules

    Bazza&Jules New Member

    If im really honest, they say south side is rougher than north side. we live north, but each to their own. Just be careful and dont go to logan and around that area. If the job is south tho stick south as you dont wanna be paying for the bridge everyday.
    I dont really know much about the schls southside. A lot of Brits send their kids to private schl if you can afford it. State schls are just as good tho.
    What I suggest is, get in touch with Jodieandsteven on here, Jodes the 1 from Daisy she can help you alot more. She's gr8 and hopefully when you get out here you can get 2gether. Send her
    private message tell her jules dropped her innit!! lol
    it's well worth the travel to get the right area, honest!! wynnum and manley are not that far from chatswood at all. i think 15min drive??

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