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Discussion in 'Renting & Real Estate' started by Hugster&co, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. Hugster&co

    Hugster&co Senior Member

    Hi, Simon has arrived and has been looking for furnished rental, this is proving a tough task.
    So next option to find our long term rental and HIRE FURINTURE.
    Does anyone have any contacts? :err:
    Thanks in advance.
    (ps, Si if you read this - good luck with your house search today.xx)

  2. alles

    alles New Member

    in adelaide some friends rented fridge, 3 piece settee, tv etc from RADIO RENTALS
    good luck, al n laura
  3. Nikki6999

    Nikki6999 Guest

    I once looked at renting furniture and I thought it was quite expensive, maybe you could look into some of the bigger furniture companies in Brisbane that offer "Buy now pay later" or " No interest for 12-24 months" ect, now if you can be sure to stick to the payment plan and dont exceed the time where then you would be up for a alot of extra interest, I think there a good idea.... bit again you need to be responsible in the payment plan, I think you will get more furniture and its yours rather than renting it.... Worth a look into ????????????????????????????????????????????
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Radio rentals like you to sign up for 18mths which is quite a long time,if you sign up for less the prices are quite expensive.
    Buy now pay later isnt normally available until you have been in the country a fair few months(we tried that,lol).
    What exactly are you looking for ,i have some basic items i rent at very reasonable prices ,plus a delivery fee,minimum rental time is 3 week.If you want to send me a pm with what you ned and where in brissy you are ,ill see if i can help,will have to check whats in and due back in etc.
    If you do look into 2nd furniture ebay or the courier mail on a saturday is your best bet ,hubby will have to collect though.
    Cal x
  5. Hugster&co

    Hugster&co Senior Member

    Hello Cal,

    I am after the following:

    fridge/ freezer or seperates
    washing machine
    3 piece suite/or whatever you have
    double bed
    single bed

    we are in a unit near Manly in a place called Wakerley.

    If you can help please contact me back asap.



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