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Discussion in 'Renting & Real Estate' started by Bochick, May 16, 2012.

  1. Bochick

    Bochick Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I 've just moved to Brisbane and have a job which pays ~70,000AUD gross, I'm looking at rentals in the Woolloongabba area as its close to the bus link that I need to get for work, so Im wondering how much rent could I afford on this salary, its just me and my partner (who is looking for work at the moment) and we dont live extravagent lifestyles (having been students for the past 8 years) ;)

    I would really appreciate any advice,


  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    There are a few properties around that way where you can just rent a room in a house for around $150 wk, or smaller private units for around the $350 mark. Id be tempted to go with something cheaper and just sign for 6 months as in this time you will have worked out what its costs YOU personally to live the lifestyle you want,, if youve got a fair few $$$ left at the end of each week when your 6 mths is up you can look for something bigger, flashier or more expensive.

    Cal x
  3. Jaygriff

    Jaygriff Guest

    Hi there, I have just noticed your question and I am in the same predicament. I am due to move to Brisbane in November and my income is pretty much the same, how much would you say is reasonable having lived there for a couple of months,,,, so I don't end up stretching myself before I even start?

  4. WanderingStar

    WanderingStar New Member

    To be honest, in Woolloongabba, I think you should be looking around at least $450 pw to get somewhere nice where you enjoy living. This sounds a lot after the UK but we have found it to be affordable as you don't have to pay council tax here - and often your rent covers water rates too. If you want somewhere cheaper, but still accessible for buses etc, have you thought of Holland Park and other areas on the southside on the busway? It's very quick and efficient, and the rentals are cheaper a little further out of the city.
  5. Hi,

    Any suburb along Ipswich road can offer the kind of property you're looking for, and still offer great transport into the city (buses and trains). Look into suburbs like Annerley or Moorooka, for example...


  6. Bochick

    Bochick Guest

    Hey Jay,

    Really sorry for not noticing your question sooner, now that we have been here a few months I would say on one salary of 70,000 the most I would spend on rent is 400 AUD a week. Most letting agencies will want you to sign a 6 month contract initially, so you can upgrade after that if the place isnt suitable. Because you will have a whole load of initial set-up costs and most rentals dont come furnished you will prob end up having to buy bed, fridge, microwave etc. (unless of course you are shipping that stuff over or going to move into a shared house, in which case the room sometimes is furnished) That said, it depends on what part of the city you want to live. I live near the Gabba / PA hospital and pay under 400 dollars a week. Keep your eyes peeled on thats where most people look for accommodation. Remember aswell you will have to pay a deposit (usually around 2 weeks rent or so) before you do anything. Any other questions dont hesitate to ask and Ill get back to you sooner this time:)

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