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Discussion in 'Shipping / Removals' started by The Adams Family, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Hi, can anyone tell me how much their removals cost, and recommend good companies?

    I think we may be able to get away with a 20ft container

    Thanks muchly


  2. Removal costs

    Hi Tracy,

    Were in the middle of moving and I've got dozens of quotes for removal/shipping to Brisbane. Basically you have to shop around in your area, to get the best deal. I wrote an inventory of everything i want to take, about 700 cu/ft-a 20ft container and I've had quotes varying from £3995 to £2695. Same door to door service. The Doree Boree group are recommended but a bit more pricey at £3600. But this may vary from your area.

    When are you going? And where are you going to stay? My husband is away soon as he has a job waiting on him, in a week or so and I'm left with the kids trying to sell our house, work full time too. We have two kids Ellie 5 and Euan 10. We're all stressed and desperate to go. Hubbys job is in Murarrie so think they're putting us up there for a bit.

    Let me know how youre getting on.
    Cheers Jodie:biggrin:
  3. kazleejim

    kazleejim Guest

    After weeks of thinking we would take a 20ft container (quoted £3,300 by SBS) That way we would have our stuff to put us on in rented accom and we would buy new when we bought a house. 3 days ago we decided to sell everything as it is all 5 to 10 years old . We are going to take a couple of small crates with photos and sentimental stuff. (£250 ish). I'm sat on computer at 5am after sitting bolt upright in bed thinking what have we done.
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    we sent 18 large boxes with crown relo and it cost around the 800gbp mark ,you can get things cheap enough here and it means your not stuck without for months waiting for everything to come .
    Cal x
  5. roxybird79

    roxybird79 Guest

    Would you recommend crown ? I have them coming to give me a quote this week . But would like to hear your experience of them :)
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I personally can't fault Crown, they were fantastic on both sides of the ocean and i wouldnt hesitate to use them again. They werent the cheapest but sometimes cheapest isnt always best when they are in charge of your worldy possessions,;lol

    Cal x
  7. Stuart

    Stuart Guest

    I would recommend Youpack Removals if you are looking for professional removals. They have years of experiences in removals industry. I have hired them when i moved to Melbourne. It is not that much costly as others are. I have contacted many removalist but finally decided to go with Youpack as they are offering moving and removals services at affordable price.
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  8. Ktee

    Ktee Administrator

    Stuart is an Indian spammer so please ignore any previous comments. He has now been banned.

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