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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Racht, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Racht

    Racht Guest

    Morning everyone!

    I am a newbie to BritsInBrisbane. Looks like a great site! We (my hubby, two kids aged 6 & 4 and myself) currently live in Melbourne and have done for 17 months. Although we dont dislike it, it just isn't right for us and so we want to try Brisbane.

    Has anyone else relocated from Melbourne? How have they found it and do you have any tips about removals?!

    We spent a day travelling around the suburbs of Brisbane a few weeks ago and really liked what we saw. Areas close to the City seemed quite green and leafy. One area we didn't get to check out was Bulimba yet, after researching, it seems like it would suit us. Just wondered if any of you live there or have any info about the area. We like the idea of having cafes & restaurants close by as we currently really miss that. Are there any other areas you would recommend that have this atmosphere too? We would like to be pretty close to the City for my hubby's work.

    Sorry for all the questions I could go on, but I'll restrain myself!

    Thanks a lot and yes, we probably are mad, moving, AGAIN!

    Rach :wub:

  2. guest1919

    guest1919 New Member

    Hi Rach ...
    Bulimba was one of the areas we looked into when we first arrived. We love it - there's a great vibe, cosmopolitan but still familyish with loads going on. It would've been great for hubby as he would commute to the CBD but we struggled to get a decent rental. The ones we saw were either extortionate or plain grim. A great place though! Good luck in your search!
  3. Racht

    Racht Guest

    Thanks for your reply Myrtle1. Good to know. Where are you now?

    Rach x
  4. guest1919

    guest1919 New Member

    We settled in Manly in the Bayside area of Brisbane! It's everything we hoped it would be and more! Absolutely love it - and starting to make friends too. We have a 9 year old at the local state school and he's enjoying it! We've not been to any other states in Australia but love the whole vibe of Brisbane! There are some gorgeous suburbs dotted around - we looked at a whole range from north, south and west. We liked Wilston too - villagey feel with cafes etc and a fab state school but again the rentals weren't that great! Now, we are further out than we originally wanted but really believe it's worked out well! Give yourself a few options and then you can get more choice of property. Happy to answer any questions and will help if I can - feel free to pm me if easier x
  5. Racht

    Racht Guest

    Manly is another area we like. We did a reccie there and it had a great feel about it. It's certainly on our favourites list. Thanks for your advice. Rach x
  6. camus11

    camus11 New Member

    Hi Rach,

    Im new to this site and i have just started a thread has anyone moved from Victoria to Brisbane and then noticed your thread. We have been here 10 months and we feel it is just not for us. We have 2 children (5 & 8). Where about in Melbourne do you live? We are in Geelong.
  7. Racht

    Racht Guest

    Hi there Camus11.

    Were about 10 minutes north of Frankston. So have you decided to move to Brisbane then?

  8. camus11

    camus11 New Member

    Yes i think we have finally made the decision that we are moving within the next 3 months. This has just never felt right for us and we feel it is now or never. What about you?

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