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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by scotzoz, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. scotzoz

    scotzoz New Member

    Hi Im moving to prob redlands area, poss nearer to the gold coast in 3 weeks, i'm a mental health nurse from UK, anybody got links for jobs??real estate agencies, babysitters, the works lol???????
  2. magic

    magic Guest

    Hi Guys

    Hi, firstly good luck with your emigration plans. I do not think you will have a problem with a job where ever you settle, nurses are in very short demand both community and hospital based.

    I chose to get here and then got a job once i looked about and sorted distance as i didn't wish to drive miles to and from work. Within 3 weeks i had a job but check out, area Brisbane, then Redlands for Mater Private Hospital, Redlands Public Hospital, Blue care and Spiritus ( community nursing).

    Please ask away if i can help further.

  3. scotzoz

    scotzoz New Member

    Hi ,
    we've been here 5 years and are relocating from Melb so emmigration has all been done and dusted..I've been checking out the queensland health sites and there sems to be plenty jobs for mental health, loads at gold coast hospital though, Is that feasable to travel there ? how long does it take from cleveland?. Ive also applied for a position at redlands, that would be perfect. Were gonna need accomodation for a few weeks till we get a rental sorted and our furniture transferred up. Are there any estate agents renting furnished houses/apartments for a few weeks?

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