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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by nickandvicky, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. nickandvicky

    nickandvicky New Member

    Hello, would somebody be able to advise on the commute time and costs from the Redlands to brisbane cpd?

    Is there a train or a bus?

    Is it not ideal or is it ok?

    Is Wellington Point area easier?

    thank you so much in advance

  2. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane


    There are transport links from the Redlands to the CBD (I assume that's what you want? Not sure what a cPd is?!).

    There is a train that goes from Cleveland, through Ormiston, Wellington Point, Birkdale and Thorneside into the city. It takes about an hour.

    There is also a commuter bus from all the Bayside suburbs, down as far as Redland Bay. It really depends where you pick it up as to how long it takes. From Redland Bay and Victoria Point you are talking about more than an hour on the bus. From the other Bayside suburbs - ie the ones above for the train and also Thornlands, you are probably looking at just under an hour on the bus.

    Have a look on here - for more info

    Hope that helps


  3. nickandvicky

    nickandvicky New Member

    Ahhh thannks Rudi, yes i meant CBD!! keep doing that!! OK, probably not an ideal daily commute then! x
  4. Martyn Elmore

    Martyn Elmore New Member


    We live in Cleveland and my wife commutes to work at the Mater, which although is in South Brisbane, is virtually next door to the CBD. She travels by car which takes 35-40 minutes. Cleveland is also the end of the line for the train. I know people who use it daily and whilst it does the job, by all accounts it's a drab and dreary commute. Catching the train in Wynnum or Manly would cut the time by around 20 minutes. There is also a "touch and go" system similar to the Oyster card in London.

  5. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Hi Martyn, Just wondering is that 35-40 the peak hour travel time to the Mater or out of peak?
  6. Martyn Elmore

    Martyn Elmore New Member

    Hi fish

    Good point. She works 12 hr shifts which means 7 - 7, so that is outside the peak time. However, she has been doing office hours for the last 2 months, and there isn't too much difference. I sometimes go into the city for 9am meetings and while the traffic is heavier than normal it doesn't impact on the travel time. I think it helps that the route is 95% on just one road.

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