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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ragner, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. ragner

    ragner Guest

    Hello /G'Day to all

    We have been in Scarborough on the Redcliffe peninsula for 4 months and we love it.Now I have been reading on several forums that Redcliffe is a place to avoid,my oppinion is this is not true.Yes there are areas within all suburbs to avoid ,the same goes with new neighbours.Now Redcliffe and surrounding suburbs used to be known as a dump and full of old people,and an area to best be avoided,but in the last few years(after talking to locals) the area has and is still having a face lift.
    We have found that it is full of families and the beaches are clean and full in the summer months.There are schools(private and state),shopping centres,parks,sports clubs,pubs and restaurants,aswell as beach side cafes to enjoy the sun and sea views of Moreton bay.
    When we arrived in Brisbane we looked at here and the Bayside(Redland Bay)now both areas are by the sea and face onto Moreton bay they have the same amminities and are within easy reach of Brisbane CBD,but what swayed us to the Redclffe area was this area has sandy beaches so kids can go to beach aswell as the Lagoon which is on the beach at Redcliffe and is used by all the local kids and visitors and has a life guard.In Scarborough there is a fish shop(wet and Fried)Morgans which is by all accounts one of the best around and i presonally have to agree.
    Redcliffe is 45 mins from the Sunshine coast and 45 mins from Brisbane CBD.
    Yes you do get the local youth element ,but don't you get that anywhere you live ?.
    So in a nut shell Redcliffe,Scarborough,Margate,Woody point,Clontarf and Kipper Ring is a welcoming ,friendly place and we are glad we chose to move here.
    I am not trying to persuade any one to move here but i am putting my point of view across as all I keep reading is Redcliffe is not a place to live.

    Thats enough of me i will get off my soap box

    Cheers and good luck in where ever you choose to live

  2. bethandneil

    bethandneil Guest

    thanks, for someone soon to move brisbane this is very helpful advice,
  3. Australstar

    Australstar Guest

    More info like this is welcome & needed

    Thank you for posting the info on the redcliffe area, i find it is far more accurate to gather info from people like yourself, who actually live (or have lived recently) in the area, for a period of time.
    Although Jamie & I will be based close to central Brisbane when we first arrive(3 to 6 months), we will then be looking at living in an 'outer' suburb of Brisbane, within about 30 minutes drive of the CBD hopefully, so any info from anyone who has knowledge of such suburbs please get in touch.
    Ideally a suburb with good transport links, entertainment & retail.

    Thanks in advance :)

    Trev & Jamie
  4. nicola.j30

    nicola.j30 Guest


    hiya just joined this forum and it was nice to hear what you said about redcliffe. We are moving there july 10th renting a appartment for two weeks then try and get somewhere to stay after that. I do like the sound of redcliffe, the house prices seem ok. I have been told the schools are good as well, i have two children one is 7 and the other is 4.
    p.s i am def coming to redcliffe
  5. nicola.j30

    nicola.j30 Guest

    hiya me again just want to say ignore the thumbs down by hiya, im happy (really):wink:
  6. Hi, I'm new here and was really happy to find this post. Have been doing lots of research on Redcliffe and as far as what we want as a family looks a good place with a young family, near the beach and not far for hubby to travel to work. Espially been looking at Clontarf. Was in Brisbane 13 years ago and visited Redcliffe on a day trip, had a nice feel to the place back then :wink:
  7. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    I visited Redcliffe 4 years ago and it didnt do much for me...But.......After migrating we went back and had a look around..its a real nice place and the sea is so clear there...We are in Beerwah so no to far away..I think any place you decide to settle will be long as it isnt Caboolture :)
    Jo x
  8. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Its weird isnt it ,we had our heart set on moving to decption bay,,until we visited,i know what you mean about caboolture Jo,lol.
    Cal x
  9. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    Funny you should say that...When we visited on holidays I loved Caboolture, it was busy and lots of shops..I think I even posted on PIO about how i wanted to settle there...OMG!!!! Its ok ...but geez its an eye opener when you actually live here..
    If you ever have watched Dog The Bounty Hunter...My son says he felt like he was in "dog country" everytime we drove thru it..Now I by pass it as much as I can ....:)
    Jo x
  10. Lou

    Lou Guest

    The beach at Redcliffe is fantastic and the lagoon too! Ian saw a dolphin whilst out for a run early in the morning. Before visiting I really had my heart set on it, after looking round and heading up the coast I fell in love with Caloundra.

    I think it's definately an area on the up and is probably a good place to invest in property, but the sunshine coast stole my heart and thats where I'm heading later this year.

    Everyone is different and I believe the best thing to do is have a good look around and decide once you've been there. I think a bit like buying a house, you'll know when you've found the right place for you.

  11. Sharon

    Sharon Guest

    Hi Ragner, I have family that live in Redcliffe and we have been out to stay with twice over the last 8 years, once in 99 and again in Nov 07 - it has gone through a big face lift in that time but it is still a lovely place, great beaches, some lovely little cafes and shops and a great lagoon for the kids. Ok so there are a few oldies live there but so what, they obviously have sense and have chosen to retire in a realxed environment with good golf courses and big shopping complex's near by. If I didn't have to live closer to the city when we emigrate later in the year then we would live either in Redcliffe/Scarborough or Margate but on the train in the rush hour in apparently takes about 45 mins/1 hour and initially I need to be closer to my job than that...will still be visiting the area at weekends though!
  12. nicola1982

    nicola1982 Guest

    My partner's mum lives in Recliffe, moved from the UK about 4 years ago & married an Auzzie (who was born, bred & still lived in Redcliffe!). Been over 3 times in the past 3 years & love it. Thats where we (me, my partner & our 18 mth old daughter) will be moving to when we move out there, be a few years yet though
  13. Mrs C

    Mrs C New Member


    Thanks for letting us know what Redcliff is like. It is high on my list for when we come over in Sep.

    My friends uncle lives in Kippa Ring and my friend raves on about how nice it is there. I just can't wait to see for


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