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Discussion in 'Renting & Real Estate' started by shoegal68, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. shoegal68

    shoegal68 New Member

    hiya all thanks in advance for any replies.

    we are heading out to queensland early 2013.

    my husbands work will be around the Brisbane/gold coast area but if no fixed place so we are just trying to shortlist some areas to consider living.already have Springfield lakes,upper coomera,coomera waters on our list.we were considering helensvale/oxenford but decided initially its a bit far out.

    iv noticed when searching real estate for Springfield lakes that a lot of properties in redbank plains show in results as its a surrounding town.

    the properties look.nice and reasonably priced-we do need this ininitially as we still have our property in England to pay.for unless we can find a tenant or sell soon :(

  2. shoegal68

    shoegal68 New Member

    sorry endedthatpost too early!!

    my question is does anyone know the area or live there???

    how is the area fir transport and facilities, we have a 3 year old so need access to parks etc.

    we hope to.move further south eventually but this is just for our first tenancy.

    thank u :eek:
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Id rather be in Springfield lakes than Redbank Plains.
    Im not sure what you mean by Oxenford etc being far out??? Far from where?lol Its actually direct motorway access so quite handy for commuting to Gold Coast or Brisbane.
    Will your hubby be 'based' anywere?

    Cal x
  4. shoegal68

    shoegal68 New Member

    hi cal my husbands base is an office but his actual work and majority of his working time is outdoors and will change on a regular basis so we can't rely on that as a guide.

    i won't have a car for first few months (hence the public transport question) and put a thread on a little while back asking about links in oxenford/helensvale it didn't sound that promising!

    suppose we won't know till we get husband is heading over 10 weeks before me and our son so i.might just leave it up to.him!:D
  5. thehousehunters

    thehousehunters New Member


    If you have a choice between the Springfield Lakes and Redbank Plains definitely go the Springfield Lakes option. As you won't have a car for a while these areas Sprinfield Lakes, Forest Lakes etc are set up to be community style living, they are close to schools, shopping centres, childcare, transport. However, transport is not the best in these areas but based on the facilities provided in those areas it might be okay for you until you get a car.

    If your husbands job takes him all over Brisbane and Gold Coast, you have more of an option to live in different areas maybe closer to Brisbane or the Gold Coast depending on what type of life style you are seeking.

    Just a thought anyways.

    The House Hunters

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