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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by Nat & Karl + 2, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Could someone please point us in the right direction of some good job agencies in Brissy? We are moving to Oz in Sept next year but want to get in early with the agencies. My husband is 42 and his background is in Local Government Parks and Open Space Management and is currently a Regional Manager for the Caravan Club.

    I am the not so important one looking for work as I am a full time mummy at the moment to a 1 & 2 yr old!

    Also has anyone attempted to get a job in Australia from the UK? Karl applied for a few a couple of years back but didn't even get a response back ! We just thought it would be easier to come out and get the job once relocated ???

    :biggrin: Natalie
  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    To be honest I have not heard good reports about agencies, You could be better looking at sites like and contacting the companies direct. or go through the telephone book and contact companies that way, not all advertise the positions they have available.

    One tip for Karl when he sends his CV he should also include a cover letter to state what his experience is. A lot of companies look for a cover letter, and then decide if they will read the CV. You do not say what visa you have... if you have PR status then mention it in the cover letter so the prospective employer knows you can be employed permanently. Many people do manage to find employment before they arrive but if not, then it is a case of going round places and asking, a personal appearance at a prospective employer is harder to ignore than an email and can get a more positive responce.
  3. Thanks Colin,

    I am born and Aussie and our kids are Aussie by descent and Karl is good old English ! So he will be going out on a spouse visa, however I think he gets permant visa almost straight away due to the kids and how long we have been married.

    We thought as much with the agencies as we visisted a few a couple of years back on the sunshine coast and thought not much of them then ! I thought Birssy might a little better but it doesn't sound that way....
    Oh well we will continue with Seek, however I do think he will stand more of a chance when we are actually out in Oz as he will be able to start asap !
    Thanks again and what a fab website. Now I have something else to focus on rather than ebay !!!!

  4. srp

    srp No longer active member


    I came over on a spouse visa (wife is Aussie), your correct he should get PR straight away. When applying for the visa there are a couple of things to remember, I thought it would only take a few weeks to sort out as I was married to an Aussie for 9 yrs but gathering the evidence is time consuming.

    Start gathering evidence now for your application to prove your relationship. you will need proof for every year you have been together if possible.

    you will probably need 2 stat decs from Australia (with copies of their passport photo page, certified again).

    2 stat decs from the UK certified.
    copies of marriage certificate and kids birth certificates (certified)
    proof of joint financial commitment, bank statements preferably joint account ( I asked bank for letter showing how long we had heald a joint account)
    proof of living together (official letters address to both of you at same address)

    good thing to include are insurance policy showing partner as beneficiary
    joint will
    car insurance showing partner named as spouse
    photographs of you together and as a family
    party invites addressed to both of you and Christmas cards addressed to both of you with envelope showing date

    In fact everything you can think of that will show you in a continuing and loving relationship.

    My wife came over to Australia first with me to follow a few weeks later; it took me 6 months to gather enough evidence to send with the application.

    If you want to ask me anything about the process please contact me and I will do my best to assist
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2010
  5. Thanks Colin,

    Bloody hell they don't want much do they !!! Where did you get all of your stuff Cert here in the UK. In Oz it just a case of a J.P. and really easy to find, but what counts as a stat dec in the UK?

    As for cards etc, they went to the recycling a few weeks after getting them and invites are nearly all by email and deleated shortly after ! I am sure we wont have to many issues. We are coming up for a 4th wedding anniversary and have lived together all of that time with a mortgage together. We do have life insurances etc and that is a good idea that I never would have thought of.
    It is hard to know when to start as the idea is not to come out until Sept next year. So I thought of doing the applications in the new year as you know with the medicals etc only lasting a year.
    What do you do for work in Goondiwindi? Is that where your wifes family are from?

    Thanks again for your help.

    :) Nat
  6. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Nat,

    In the UK you can use a solicitor, JP or public notary. Ask around to see if anyone knows a JP, or you may know one yourself. They will normally do it a lot cheaper than solicitors. Another suggestion is that if you are selling your house; ask the solicitor who is dealing with the sale to do it. They are already getting money off you and often just throw it in for free A Stat Dec in the UK is basically a statement from friends/relatives, no special forms just a typed or written statement.

    For Birth certificates and marriage certificates I had spares from the registry office and sent those, they are certified copies and do not need to be certified again. If you do the application yourself and apply on line, then you can upload colour copies of documents without being certified, black and white need to be certified. Using paper application or an Agent then more needs certification.

    Your time line seems about right to apply for the visa, if your husband takes the medical and police checks in January, then you will have untill january next year to validate the visa.

    My wife comes from Coffs harbour originally, we ended up in Goondiwindi as curators of the Customs House museum, after looking for a job we could do together.

    I have sent you a PM as well :biggrin:
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2010

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