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  1. Hey everyone.

    We have applied for our visa (175 on the CSL), we have booked flights and have sorted a place to stay north of Brisbane for three weeks from 1st November 2009.

    What we would love to do now is make a few contacts prior to our visit and hopefully get together with a few of you good people to share experiences and opinions (of course this would require the mandatory BBQ, beers and dip in the pool :wink:).

    We have 2 youngish kids (9 year old boy and 6 year old girl) and we consider ourselves sociable people, especially if you like a barrage of rubbish jokes (Michelles opinion definitely not mine!).

    Please get in touch if you fancy getting together for a chin wag....

    We are NOT expecting to come over and just ask millions of questions in a freebee stylee, we genuinely believe in making friends and being sociable.

    Anyway, hope to speak to you soon.
    All the best
    Adam (37), Michelle (35), Jordan (9) and Emily (6)

  2. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    No kids but we are mark 44, jo 37. In brissies S/w
  3. Hey Mark and Jo.

    Thanks for the reply, kids weren't a prerequisite, just letting people know a little about us before we come over.

    Speak soon, keep in touch.
    Adam and Michelle

  4. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Im always on here and PIO as Im part of the moderating team for both xx
  5. No offence, but why are you talking about waterproofing membranes and the company which produces it - in China?
    Have I missed something . lol
  6. would certainly be up for discussion or questions, know exactly where you are coming from ! However we did our reckie, started our visa at Xmas and had to return to the UK to sort some issues. Dont think we will be back by Nov 1st (am committed to a wedding on 31st Oct) but may be there by end Nov... subject to business transfer. Anyway, am up for email contact if you are ?

    We are a family of 5, two older kids 19 & 21, one smaller one - female aged 8 . We hope to live in the Sunshine Coast somewhere between Caloundra and Coolum Beach. 2 hours north of Brisbane.

    Not certain I'm allowed to put my email address here... moderator will remove it if not....

    Currently in north Kent... where are you ?


  7. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Gill if you want to leave your e-mail you can but please be aware anyone can see it not just signed in members.
    If you want it removed just ask myself or Jo.
    Cal x
  8. jaxcooper

    jaxcooper Guest

    Hi, we have just booked flights to Brisbane for our reccie and we're due to arrive on the 11th November. We'd love to meet up with any of you if you are around. We're hopefully staying close to the city but we'll hire a car from the 13th so we can happily travel out to meet up.

    We're Ed and Jacqui, 39/35 and parents to two young children who are not coming on the reccie with us, instead they're getting spoiled rotten by my family here :)

    Hopefully hear from you soon ..
  9. Jacq

    Jacq New Member

    Hi Jaxcooper,
    Will ur reccie just be in Brisbane or will u travel further afield?
    I'm Jacq, i've been here for 2yrs now, i'm sure u will love oz just as much as i do.
    I'm 34yrs and live in Spring Hill. Send me a message if u want to meet up when u get here.
  10. jaxcooper

    jaxcooper Guest

    Hi Jacq are you still about?
    Hello everyone,
    We're here in Brisbane until thursday and will have a car from tomorrow so we'd love to meet up with anyone who is willing to dish the info on living here :)
    So far we're loving the place and we haven't even scratched the surface yet. Ed is the practical one with questions about the reality of living here so if anyone fancies meeting for a cold beer please let us know :)
  11. John T

    John T Guest


    We are in a similar position, we got our 175's in August 09 and are going to Brisbane to validate them and for a reccie in March next year

    It would great to hear how you got on and where you stayed.

    Because the whole family have to go for validation, we will have (by then) a 22 month old bouncing ball of energy in tow.... so that should make for an interesting 27hr plane trip there and back


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