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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by fuzzbox, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    Hello everyone..We are the Nicolson Family, and are new to this site. We are just in the process of completing our vettasess application for perminant migration to good old Brisbane...I am sure we will be posting lots of questions and hope that you all don't get bored....

    My first questions is to do with reccie accomodation - we are looking to come out and visit ( as we have never visited oz), and were hoping to do so in either November of this year, or april next year. Does amyone know of any nice but reasonably priced short term accomodation (for 3 weeks) in either Upper coomera or Pacific pines areas..Ideally we would like a house as we are coming to try and get a real feel for the areas and not a holiday, well as much as you can in three weeks.

    I look forward to any replys - and hope to chat to all soon


    Lisa, Russ, Jack (11) and Charlie (8)

  2. alles

    alles New Member

    places to stay

    :biggrin:Hi and welcome do you have to be there and are you planning on working in this area.
    When are you planning on moving here full time I would save the money from reccie and just take the plunge as the money will come in handy once here.
    all the best the taylors upper coomera.:biggrin:
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi welcome to brits in brisbane. We have furnished accommodation and are about 45mins from Pacific Pines /Upper Coomera area. Infact the last 2 familys i relocated have settled at Pacific pines it is very popular. What visa skill are you applying under? we came on hubbys skill of diesel mechanic and have been here nearly 2 years now,life sure is great over here
    Cal x
  4. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    Hi cal..

    Thanks for replying...we are coming over under my husbands skill as an apprentice trained bricklayer..Pacific Pines does look great does upper coomera. We feel it important to cone over for a visit as our 2 boys have little to relate to at the moment, with regards to life over there. We think it will give them some experiences to think about, and some appreciation of what life will be like over there..I will take a look at the links you have posted and get back to you..

    Thanks again

    Lisa Russ Jack and Charlie
  5. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    Hi Taylors

    Cheers for you reply - by the time we have completed all paper work, we should be over there between september and December next year... We feel a recci is important to us, and prob will be coming over , but thanks for you advice anyway..

    upper coomera - whats it like??? how far our is it as its one of our prime areas to live along with pacific pines, so any information gathered will undoubtldly help.


    Lisa, Russ, Jack and Charlie

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