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Discussion in 'North & Far North QLD' started by Traveller60, May 13, 2014.

  1. Traveller60

    Traveller60 Guest

    Hi We will be relocating to Townsville within the next 6 months and are looking at buying a house. Can someone living in Townsville give me some
    advice on the following.
    1. What do you think of the area the real estate agents call Greenwood Estate and the Avenues in Kirwan. Would prefer to be on the other side of Golf Links Drive but the estate agents keep trying to sell us places in Greewood Estate or The Avenues
    2. Wulguru - have been told there are good parts and bad parts. Can someone pls narrow that down for me and be more specific.
    3. Bohle Plains - what do locals think about this estate. Kalynda Chase
    4. Douglas - is all of Douglas okay or just pockets
    5 The new estates at Mount Louisa - your opinions pls
    6. Alice River - in the wet season is access to town restricted due to flooding.
    7. Annandale - the northern end
    These are the only suburbs we are interested in due to the flooding risk. I do like the look of the new estate at Idalia and it's position -
    close to everything but would never buy there. Having been through a major flood it's not something I really want to do again and we are
    fully aware of how the insurance companies react to "flood".

  2. Dom

    Dom Guest

    Hi there,

    We moved to Townsville from the UK 8 weeks ago. I cannot help with all of your questions but the suburbs you have listed a fairly well spread out and there will be pro and cons to all of them. We have rented a property in Annandale which backs onto the Ross River, the day we moved in coincided with cyclone Ita hitting Townsville. There was around 250mm of rain in 24 hours and the lower river flooded, this didn't affect any properties in Annandale. I think the map which shows areas likely to flood is a guide at best, if flooding is a real concern to you I would be looking at Castle Hill, you will be 100% safer there !
    If you have any questions about moving/living here please feel free to ask, we are enjoying living here and glad we made the move.


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