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Discussion in 'Health & Lifestyle' started by NeilEb, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. NeilEb

    NeilEb Guest

    So, if I move over to Brisbane, what can my 4 (in December) year old son expect?

    Is it a good place to raise kids? If so, what makes it so good? He loves playing soccer and cricket if that helps at all?

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    My kids were 3 and 8 when we moved here and 5 years on they are doing great. My eldest went into school so he was occupied from day dot,lol, with my younger one i used to visit the playgroups in the park organised by the council (free with fruit salad etc provided), i also took her swimming alot at our local pool as to me is was important she leanrt to swim asap with the amount of water and great weather over here,lol. I also put her in private daycare 2 or 3 days a week after a while so i could job hunt, Centrelink helped with the cost and i ended up paying around $50 for a couple of days so not bad at all really.
    There are lots of great parks dotted around so you shouldnt get stuck for things to do

    Cal x
  3. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Here are some child friendly ideas that I posted on another forum that may give you some idea of what it is like:

    Brisbane is surrounded by nice green countryside, mountains, islands and beach resorts so always plenty of day trip options.

    We have have a 6yo (and a newborn) and if staying in or around Brisbane we might:

    - go for a bike ride along the river (he gets towed behind me)
    river bikeways

    - go to southbank for a swim

    - have breakfast at one of our favourite cafe's or try out a new one - most of them are pretty child friendly.
    breathing space - indooroopilly

    - go to the park - there are lots of great parks
    New Farm Park playground in the trees
    Kids Water park
    Redcliffe Lagoon

    - visit GOMA, qld museum, southbank etc (they have child activities)
    goma and kids activities
    qld museum

    - grab an icecream - we do lots of that :)
    cold rock

    - Grab breakfast and people watch or shop at the markets
    west end markets
    northey street markets

    ride the citycats - he likes that
    Citycat (public transport)

    visit mt cootha 8 km west of the city
    mt cootha lookout
    mt cootha lookout
    mt cootha botanical gardens and planetarium

    escape to the mountains behind Brisbane, Gold and sunshine Coasts:

    As locals we get cheap entry into theme parks (at the moment it is $110 for entry to 3 theme parks for a whole year)
    wiggles at dreamworld
    kids stuff at movie world
    wet and wild

    Brisbane's large islands:
    Moreton Island
    North Stradbroke Island (Straddie)
    South Stradbroke Island
    Bribie Island

    With the daytime weather average 20c+ all year round you can use all these outdoor things right through winter as well. The only bad season is summer when it can get too hot and sweaty so you need to do things in the morning or late afternoon. Still plenty of ok days in summer as well though.

    My Brisbane is a beautiful, safe place full of lovely trees and parks that we can enjoy with the kids in sunshine all the way through winter. Lovely.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2011
  4. nickandvicky

    nickandvicky New Member

    that is the most fantastic post! x
  5. bcfrug

    bcfrug Guest

    What a fab post. An amazing place for kids. Cant wait to get there now :)
  6. Mickeymolly

    Mickeymolly Guest

    I have 4 kids, ranging from 3-17. youngest was 10 mths when we arrived. there is so much to do here, its very family orientated and most of its free :)

    Great post fish01
  7. toptowa

    toptowa New Member

    Just read this post and it's put a huge smile on my face. I can't wait to get over there and get out and about with my kids :D
  8. rain n neil

    rain n neil New Member

    We have 5 kids ranging from 2 to 20!! What do ur older ones do to amuse themselves??? Our older ones are 17,19 and 20. Also where would be a good spot to live that isnt too far from places to go out for an evening; restaurants, bars/taverns yet not too far for work if working in IT/admin etc, in your opinion??

    Thanku :)
  9. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    My kids are young but I can take a stab at it. I think it depends how far away from the inner city you live. Older children out in the suburbs would tend to go to the large shopping malls, play sport, friends over to the house, camping/apartment holidays, drive to the Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast beaches, theme parks etc with a Fri/Sat night out in the city and then a long cab ride home or crash on friends floors closer to the city. Living away from the city can be very quiet and they have to make their own fun.

    Inner city older children probably have more access to city facilities so while they would do a lot of the above I would imagine they also go to the inner city markets, inner city cafe districts, cultural districts etc more often than the suburban kids. I have noticed my nieces/nephews that live in the suburbs know surprisingly little about the inner city districts of Brisbane. Probably because it is such a PITA to travel all the way home to the suburbs only to turn around and attend something on a Wed night in the inner city. Having lived it I know how this can feel.

    Choosing good active suburbs to live in is very budget dependent. The best of them can be very expensive so hard to narrow down for you without knowing more. Would you just like to know what I consider the best ones regardless of cost or do a budget specific search?
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2012
  10. rain n neil

    rain n neil New Member

    Hi Fish and thanku for that great reply. Yes please tell me which suburbs you think are the best.....we are also looking at the Gold Coast, particularly Robina, We do need a very active suburb, would you say that the older ones would be ok living on the gold coast, enough for them to do?? Out partying, socialising etc or do you think its best to be nearer to Brissy??
  11. bacardi167

    bacardi167 New Member

    My boys are 7 7 10. We've been here 2 1/2 years now. I took them all back to uk to visit last September and it was exactly 2 days before they both sad "Dad, can we go back home (Brissie) soon.

    There is no end of things to do for kids and Brissie particularly is very family orientated. Kids are safe and everyone keeps an eye on kids as they play.

    You really will have nothing to worry about and will see them grow as better people.....well mine have anyway

    good luck
  12. In the way of sports, there's also a lot for the kids to do. When we arrived, my daughter was 6 and my son 4. She had never set foot in a pool. 4 years after, thanks to FANTASTIC tutors, she is a very good swimmer, trains four times a week and goes to many swimming competitions, bringing home lots of medals. Our son started rugby at 5. They play what is called "Walla rugby", where there's no rough tackles. Instead, kids "tag" their opponents by touching both hips. Tackling starts only from 7. My son alo learned to swim at school (make sure the school you go to offers swim lessons, as I believe it is paramount in this state where there's so many pools).

    Philippe, for
    Open House Realty Group
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