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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Shu, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Shu

    Shu Guest

    Hi all!

    Just thought I would introduce myself as I am a newcomer! I arrived from London with my boyfriend 2 weeks ago. He is in the process of being sponsored so we are looking forward to sticking around. Loving the weather and Brisbane is great!

    Just wondered if there are groups on this site that get together for a few drinks? Missing friends and that whole social side of things. Am 28 years old, no children, love a glass (or two) of wine...:biggrin:



  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya shu ,welcome to brits,,there hasnt been a meet up for a while ,i think everyone is busy with work ,if i hear of any ill post on here,
    Cal x
  3. chellem

    chellem Guest


    i havent heard of any in Brisbane recently you should keep an eye out on pomsinoz thats where a lot of then are advertised. I know there has been quite a few meet ups on the Sunshine Coast recently dont know if that is too far for you to travel?

    Chelle x
  4. scunnybunny

    scunnybunny Guest

    Hi and welcome

    We are going to cairns, i'm a gatecrasher on this site so cant help with meetups, but theres plenty in cairns if you are ever up that way.

  5. snowyhaze

    snowyhaze New Member

    Hey Shu!

    I am coming on over in November/December this year, and desperately feel that my partner and I are gonna need to start a social circle as soon as possible otherwise I might get home sick!:eek:

    I too enjoy a glass of wine (or four) lol!!! But we hope to find somewhere out in Brisbane to live that has perfect evening entertainment capabilities as we have always enjoyed having friends over and entertaining at home as opposed to the hustle and bustle of pubs and clubs. Plus you can hear eachother talk and its cheaper lol!!

    Am always going to be looking for new friends once I arrive, so if ya wanna meet up when we arrive, let us know and I can post ya when we've landed!!
  6. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Welcome to Brits in Brissie!
  7. Its Me

    Its Me New Member

    Hi just wanted to say welcome to Brits in Brissie.

    Claire. XX
  8. Shu

    Shu Guest

    Hi all,

    Thanks for all your replies! I thought I would get an email if anyone replied to my post and when I didn't get anything I thought "what an unfriendlly bunch of so-and-so's"...(just kidding!)

    Anyway hope you are all having a fab weekend!

    Snowyhaze, I will send you a PM with contact details for when you arrive. Hope all your plans are going smoothly!

    Shu x

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