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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by dmyers, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. dmyers

    dmyers Guest

    In early stages of application for visa,just wondered if anybody could tell me as much detail of any websites,companys, or contacts for plumbing/gas fitting industry.Already work for large well respected company,ideally would like to continue in same vain when eventually arrive in brisbane sometime next year. thanks,Dave.
  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya mate ,,its mainly electric in brissy or calor gas,theres no natural gas (as far as i know),plumbing wise you should do ok ,it took us weeks to find a plumber ,so theres a demand there,good luck with everything
    Cal x
  3. dmyers

    dmyers Guest

    thanks for that cal,will be in touch again no doubt,already had a look at your website looks good
  4. stixblue

    stixblue Guest

    Dont I know you from somewhere?
  5. Lou

    Lou Guest


    Try looking on the recruitment websites like and - they might be able to provide you with more info.

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