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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by patwhitehouse2007, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. patwhitehouse2007

    patwhitehouse2007 New Member

    I am a time served City & Guilds Qualified Plumbing and Heating Engineer living in the UK, but with a Visa to live in Oz.
    I have Gas Qualification in Domestic & Commercial Installs, Unvented Water and Solar Qualifications though I know that they will probably count for nothing in Queensland. I have actually employed and Aussie Plumber for my own Business for the last 9 years and his qualifications were transferable to the UK. Is this the case in Australia or would I have to go through the fully Licencing drama?
    Secondly, if arriving as an 'unskilled' Plumber with all the flood damage at the moment would I find getting work easier and what rates would I expect as Unskilled and then how much when qualified?
    I would like t0 leave soon-ish but would love some advice!
  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I have left a link for you to the licencing regulations in QLD on your other post. Unfortunately you will be up against the licencing brigade ,i believe Gas is actually easier to get than your plumbing so make sure all your certs are up to date before you come. (my friend is almost their with his gas licence after 6 mths of mithering,phone calls and a few days at college)
    There is lots of Gas work planned for this area of SE QLD so if you can get qualified in time you should be in with a good chance of securing work relatively easy.

    Cal x
  3. patwhitehouse2007

    patwhitehouse2007 New Member

    Thanks very much. A lot to think about in the next few months......
  4. Angela

    Angela Guest

    After reading your thread I decided to join the site as my husband is currently trying to obtain his Queensland Gas Licence and I thought I could help you.

    We moved here in November 2010 so we are still finding our feet.

    The advise that I can give you is to make sure that you bring with you all the paperwork showing your relevant qualifications for your trade as these can be transferred over through Recongnised Prior Learning (RPL). You will probably have to attend TAFE to obtain the additional qualifications required for your licence but the more information you can bring over the better (that will also apply for your plumbing and solar qualifications).

    Unfortunately you will not be able to work in the gas industry without your licence and the process can take some time. I'm not sure about the plumbing side but I'm quessing it will be the same.

    Probably the best thing you could do is to contact the TAFE in Acacia Ridge as they are the only college in Queensland to run the Gas Licence course and find out when the next course start oh and be prepared to pay through the nose for it.

  5. patwhitehouse2007

    patwhitehouse2007 New Member


    Thanks Angela

    I am thinking that I would rather work in the Gas Industry as I feel I am getting to old for working flat out in the Plumbing game!
    Is your husband working at the mo , and if you don't mind me asking what kind of money is he earning?
    I really want to get moving as we only have two years left on the visa!

    Thanks for your help, I am very grateful for comments whether positive or negative.

  6. JennyP

    JennyP Guest

    I was looking for work recently and i found a list of job agencies in brisbane on this website so maybe you can ask them - surely they would know.. here is the link: Employment Service in Brisbane
  7. JennyP

    JennyP Guest

    Maybe that's useful? Cant you get your aussie plumber friend to hook you up with some pluming businesses - surely they would know all the answers!


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