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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by Deano, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Deano

    Deano Guest

    Hi all

    I was hoping some one could help me, Myself & my familly are leaving England in June for the Sunshine Coast, Im a time served Plumber & Heating engineer, I no that I have to be registerd & licenced to work, but how do I go about doing this do I have to do any courses & if so where do I go.

    Many thanks in advanced see you all soon

    Dean & familly
  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    You are required to get licences ,starting with a provisinol which will allow you to work for a company but not alone. Have a read of this site - as it explains what you need to do and who to contact. Be warned it can be costly and can take time so be prepared to maybe take an unskilled job in the meantime whilst you get everything sorted.
    Good Luck
    Cal x
  3. Deano

    Deano Guest

    Hi Cal

    Thanks for your advice much appreciated.

  4. Dean,

    I am a fellow plumber like yourself just arrived on the Gold Coast. Stitched up rings a bell, we cannot even change a ball valve without a license or have to work with a fully licensed plumber. Try finding one that wants to take us on in this current climate!! Let me know if you want some info without going around the houses on web sites. I have the necssary telephone numbers after being to my local TAFE (College) last week. Safe journey if not already left. Chris Goodwin
  5. Deano

    Deano Guest

    Plumbimg licence

    Hey Chris

    Thanks for the reply, We are settling in the Sunshine coast but a few phone numbers or web sites would come in handy thanks. I hope you get sorted out ok. Please Pm me with any numbers or web sites.
    All the best
  6. Hi Dean,

    There are only 2 numbers you really need to worry about:
    Dept Of Mines & Energy (Gas) Tel: 38980375
    Plumbers & Drainers: Tel: 32354149
    Then just look up on google TAFE colleges for your area. The fee for the plumbing course is $5000 dollars. Takes approx 9 months part time. There is also a small fee for your provisional licenses.
    I hope it all works out for you guys.
  7. Deano

    Deano Guest


    Thanks for the info, I will check that out as soon as we get to Oz.
    All the best
    Dean & Family

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