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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by jackronald, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. jackronald

    jackronald Guest

    hi im a fully qualified plumber with 10 years expeience.
    im after some information about finding work in brisbane.
    are there any agencies which find the work for you or is it all down to me.
    ive got my eye on brisbane and the sorrounding area as it seems to be the boom town of australia at the min.
  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi and welcome to LIQ.

    To find work have a look at the white pages on line and try contacting as many companys as you can, ringing is better than e-mail ,as its harder to 'fobbed' off,lol. However despite any skills assesments you may have had in the UK prior to coming you would still need to get a QLD plumbing licence, this can involve going to college, a few $$$ and jumping through numerous hoops, this link will tell you more -

    Hope this helps
    Cal x
  3. jackronald

    jackronald Guest

    thanks mate. ive had a look at the site and it doesnt seem as easy as i first thought.
    any idea what the rental market is like for a furnished home close to the city. you think it will be pricy
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    TBH i think plumbers and sparkys are the hardest hit when it comes to state licencing,especially when you consider the trade testing they have to do just to get the visa. It can be a nightmare but can also be a well paid job once youve cleared the hurdles, jumped the hoops and kissed some butt,lol..

    Its actually hard to get a nice furnished house right in the city as they seem to be either falts/aparments or older type wooden houses. If your not bring a large family a unit/flat would probably be fine for you but securing furnished isnt easy so dont leave it till the last minute. Also think about living a few KM from the city and commuting in as you'll probably find you have more of a choice.
    Sites like,, holiday lets) and even Gumtree (watch for scams) are pretty good for giving you an idea of whats around at what cost. Furnished isnt cheap but you tend to only use furnished for a few weeks until you can secure an unfurnished place is the best for unfurnished rentals.

    Hope this helps
    Cal x
  5. pathfinder12

    pathfinder12 Guest

    we are hiring some plumbers for our company which is located in Brisbane feel free to make a call.. Best of luck..GodBlessYou....
  6. jackronald

    jackronald Guest

    Hi could you send your contact details and any relevent information about your company please PM me ..... Thanks very much. Jack Stephenson
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