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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by clairenmarkg, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. clairenmarkg

    clairenmarkg Guest


    I have just returned from an Emigration show in Edinburgh and came home with loads of information, the only problem we have is deciding on which agent we will be choosing they were all good. Has anyone heard of Australian Migration & Visa Lawyers they are based in Brisbane. (Where we hope to go). I’ve tried there web page and have had difficulty opening it.

    All advice greatly received.
    Claire :?

  2. melw

    melw Guest

    Visa Application


    Just noticed your post, we are hoping to migrate to Brisbane, from Hindley, Wigan. We started our process in early April last year, using an agency called Austrailian Migration Associates, they are based in Carrington, Manchester, and have to say would highly recommend, we are going on a skilled visa, all this was passed and accepted in August last year, the agency did all the leg work, we just had to fill in the relevant forms, we started our full migration visa process (me & kids) in September, we have just been assigned a case officer and also in the process of organising health checks etc, considering we are not even a year on, the agency have kept us well informed, and always spot on with the time involved. It is expensive, no doubt, but for us well worth it to know we get it right. The whole cost with all in, including fees to Oz and Health Checks is about £3800, within this money we paid £1800 plus vat to agency. Hope this helps. Mel & Dave[/url]
  3. clairenmarkg

    clairenmarkg Guest

    We're from Billinge - small world! We have been talking about this for about 6 months and finally took the plunge. My best mate (who lived in Hindley) moved to Adelaide May last year and they love it. Thanks for the info - better start saving. Hubby is a brickie so we're going on the Skilled 136 visa - what is it you do? We were told that it would only take about 6 months for the visa to come through but after discussing it we have decided to spen 1 more xmas here and then go.
    Thanks again for the info
    Claire :D
  4. Mark'n'Ju

    Mark'n'Ju Guest

    We used Concept Australia, theyre based in Manchester and Dartford.
    Cost around 1100 pounds.
    Been here 10 months and love it . I'm a chippy.
    My cousin lives round the corner from "Bird 'ith' Hand" anywere near?
    He's also a brickie.
    Good luck
  5. scarletfever

    scarletfever Guest

    Hey Mark.

    Noticed your in Pacific Pines and a chippy. We're just about to start the process and liked the look of Pacific Pines and Helensvale. My sis lives in Arundell Hills. I'm also a chippy and wondered what the work situation is like over there.

    Speak to you soon.
  6. clairenmarkg

    clairenmarkg Guest

    Thanks Mark, i'll look into them.
    How you finding the gold coast and hows the work situation over there? My hubby is a brickie and we have been told there is loads of work, but i expect you never know until you get there.
    We live in Billinge about 5 minutes drive from there.
  7. melw

    melw Guest

    Small World

    Hey we to live round the corner from Bird Nand, however you spell it, Dave is a plant fitter, and we are going on skilled visa 136. Such a small world.

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