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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by lisa72, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. lisa72

    lisa72 Guest

    Hi. My hubby has just got a job in Brisbane and they want him to start end of December. They are finding us a rental house for the first month but want an idea of where, and I just don't know. We live in a little village in Lancashire and I know that nothing will exist over there like what we have here, but can some one please give us an indication of where is really nice to live thats about 40 mins travel into Brisbane. I have this stereo typical idea that all houses have pools, how true is that!!. And also I have the most worst phobia in the world about frogs. Just how many of those little buggers are there really hopping about.!!!. Thanks for reading and if you reply thank you so much for taking the time. Lisa.

  2. henty

    henty Guest

    hello, I have been here since late last year, we live in middle park about 30 t0 40 minutes from the city, suburbs around here quite nice, not all have a pool. I personally have not seen any frogs but when we first arrived we stayed near the river and i could hear them at night, but did not see any........i was not out looking. We now live in a complex and we have a pool for the complex , which is good someone else has to look after it.
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    It may be wise to rent a short term furnished house for a few weeks (especially if the company is paying),then you have time to look around and see where you want to be ,there are a few of us with furnished homes in and around brisbane so one of us would be able to help. Lots of familys are doing this as they cant afford reccies and are wary of signing up for a 6 month rental in an area they are unsure of.
    Where in lancashire are you im from Bolton originally but moved to Bury, good luck with everything
    Cal x
  4. Nikki6999

    Nikki6999 Guest

    Hi I have been here now for 2 months, we have rented a property longer term though, 12 mnths... we came from Ireland on a farm and smallish town and wanted something similar, Nothing can replicate it as close as we wanted cause this is a city but we managed to find a house with a pool on 1.5 acres, (room for the kids) they dont come cheap though! Is your husband going to be based working in the Brisbane suburbs or Brisbane city? We have moved to a suburb called Bunya, (Northside) about 25 klms, 35 mins drive to centre of city. When it comes to temp accomodation that his work can arrange I suppose your first biggest question is which side of the city, North or South of the river do you want to settle... Good luck... We are loving Brisbane
  5. lisa72

    lisa72 Guest

    Hi Nikki
    Thanks for replying. Glad you are all still enjoying it. With regards to the which suburbs to go for I have not got a clue, so please feel free to give me your opinions. My husband is working in the city so given that, which side would recommend. When you say that the property with pool and the land doesn't come cheap, how much in comparision to UK. I was thinking about 2000 dollars a month, am I to far of the mark. Also, can you tell me how car tax works over there. We are being provided with a 40foot container and are thinking of shipping our Nissan X-Trail year 02 over as I dont think we would get much for it over here, but I see from the Oz car sites that the prices of car are loads more expensive that over here. Many thanks again and look forward to mailing again soon. Lisa x

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