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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by morningtons, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. morningtons

    morningtons New Member

    Has anyone got top tips for stopover destinations on route to Brisbane. Looking at the popular airlines but would like a nice beach stopover or something to keep a 3 and 1 year old busy for a week.
    Not a big fan of shopping, strangely enough! but after all this stress and more to come would really like to relax before it all starts again.

    Thanks a million

  2. Claire & Ryan

    Claire & Ryan New Member

    I have been having the same concerns.... I will have a 4 year old and 18 month - it is going to be a horrendous journey not just for us but for all our fellow travellers!!! My thinking was to just get it all over and done with - your two must be very chilled if you are able to have a relaxing time on holiday with them lol... I'm envious.
    Will be interested to see what others have done with young children though.
    Claire x
  3. Atticus

    Atticus Guest

    Hi - we came over on Emirates with three, 6 yrs 4 yrs and 3 mths. Got a bulkhead seat so some extra legroom. The two oldest just watched movies or slept the youngest fed or slept (and he's not usually that well behaved). Emirates has a huge choice of kids films. Don't order the Kids meals they are horrible- give them the normal tray.

    There was three hrs at Dubai which was just enough to stretch legs and get some food (there is free food for Emirates transit passangers at their Cafe on the 1st floor). We found it easier just to get it over with and on to Brisbane- I wouldn't have liked to go through the hassle of leaving the airport, checking into a hotel, checking in for a flight again.

  4. Cerberus1

    Cerberus1 Administrator Staff Member

    We came over with 3 young boys. Had a 10 hour wait between flights at Singapore (Changi) Airport. We booked into the transit hotel inside the terminal where you can book a room for 6hours or longer for a sleep/rest etc. Found it ideal, only cost around £40. Singapore airport itself is probably the best airport we've ever been to. - nature trails, childrens playgrounds, swimming pools, movie theatre, slides, amusements, butterfly garden etc.
    You can leave the airport as well and go on a tour round the city. Although we preferred not to do a stopover for a couple of days, Singapore would be a great place for a stopover - wordclass zoo, universal studios, etc and it does have some beaches.
  5. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    I think people always think the journey is going to be worse with young children than it actually is. I have travelled many times with mine - from the age of around 8 months up and generally things have been stress free. Bulk heads are good if you have very little ones and you want a bassinet. However, if you don't have very young children, I am less certain of the merits of those seats. The arm rests are fixed so you can't have the children lie across you in the same way as in other seats. Also you might end up with 3 of the 4 middle seats and someone next to you with a baby in a bassinet which is in front of one of your seats.

    We have always done the whole journey at one go, but for a stop over Singapore is a pretty good place to be. Sentosa island has the beach resorts and there's plenty of other things as well - I think Cerberus has mentioned the zoo - but the night safari, also based at the zoo is well worth a visit. The bird Park out at Jurong is great and has a fabulous little water park for young kids to run around in and cool off. The night markets are good for a visit as well.


  6. morningtons

    morningtons New Member

    Thanks for reply, to be honest we are still debating going all the way without a breaK!! not sure which would be easier. (Tired children and tired parents). Its also the amount of luggage we will have with the extra baggage allowance from the airlines. This is great to arrive with but it looks like we will need to take a travel cot too. Thats 3x40kg cases and 3x7kg hand luggage for 2 kids and a pushchair. Maybe we're being too optomistic!
    One big hurdle to go - selling the house!! Then we can book so maybe a bit more research and planning to do.

    We are looking at late September, all being well. How about you? How is your research going?

  7. morningtons

    morningtons New Member

    Thanks a million

    Got to say a huge thanks to you all. Lots of planning and researching still to do i feel. Got to sell the house then its decision time! Not sure of so many things but Singapore airport sound pretty good!

    Thanks for the tip about bulk head seats, helps a lot!


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