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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ktee, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Ktee

    Ktee Administrator

    I am sorry but I do have to agree to some extent. I also feel they need to protect families who move over on a 457, there was a case recently where the family had just moved over and within a few weeks the company told him they couldn't employ him anymore, when this happens they are given 28 days to leave the country or find another job in the same skill and get sponsorship.
    Some 457 families have sold their family home and everything in the UK they need protection.

    The Federal Government has announced changes to conditions for foreign workers on 457 visas.
    Employers will be required to demonstrate there is a genuine skills shortage, and they will not be able to send foreign workers to an area where local skilled workers are available.
    The Government will also close a loophole allowing foreign workers to be paid less than local workers.
    Immigration Minister Brendan O'Connor says the changes will reduce the number of 457 visa applications, which have outstripped national employment growth.
    "We have seen too many examples of abuse across the nation," he said.
    "We have seen situations where people's jobs have been dressed up to be so-called skilled jobs, but in fact when they come here, they are working in unskilled areas.
    "We have seen situations where people have come out on this visa [who] are friends or family of the sponsors, and that is not the way in which those people should come here.
    "They have perfectly good streams of migration to apply and this stream should not be used in that manner."
    Speaking to ABC News 24, Liberal Senator Arthur Sinodinos said the Coalition would consider the plan in full before deciding whether to back it.
    But he said it was possible to make conditions for a 457 visa too tough.

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