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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by judrops, May 20, 2012.

  1. judrops

    judrops Guest

    Hello, I am new to this site so please bare with me everyone!..My husband has been offered a job with the option of Perth or Brisbane, he works as a Geologist and i am a mother of two children ages 5 and 7..any advice would be much appreciated as we have little knowledge of both places..thanks:smile:

  2. Gracie81

    Gracie81 Guest

    Hi There, i have lived in Perth and i live in Brisbane now so I have some idea. Perth is beautiful, much more like a town than a city, very friendly and lots for families to do. There is also a very high rate of expats there i found, not that that matters but it may be easier making friends. Lots of beautiful parks and the beaches are gorgeous. The downside is definatley how far from everywhere it is. 4 and a half hours to Brisbane etc.. i love to go back to visit though its just pricey to get there.
    Brisbane is a small city I think, its close enough to the beaches but I hardly ever go to be honest as the effort to travel for an hour each way for a day trip can be off putting, but i'm sure thats just me! The best thing about it for me is how close it is to everywhere else, you can fly an hour and be in Sydney or Cairns and there is so much to see on the East coast. It's probably not the most exciting place to live in the world but it is lovely for families and i do enjoy living on the river, New Farm, Bulimba, Hawthorne areas are a bit pricey but really nice cafes, shops, good schools etc... It also feels a very safe place to live and it is very pretty.
    I hope this helps you a little bit and lots of luck to you and your family :)
  3. Gracie81

    Gracie81 Guest

    Hi Again, I'm from the Uk, but i've lived here for 6 years now.
    I can completely understand you would find it daunting, i still find it hard after all this time even though i just ended up staying through my partner I met when i first came over. I never planned to make Australia home, but i am very glad i have now!
    The average salary is around $72,000, so i think you would do very well on your husbands salary. Rent is more than the UK and groceries can be too, they certainly are behind in the supermarket department, but there are more deals than there used to be eg. buy one get one free etc.. Clothes shopping can be expensive too and definatley not as good as home, but I buy so much online from the UK now as most shops deliver to Aus for a small delivery fee.
    The areas i talked about are very close to the city, you could get the bus, train or city cat in 15 minutes and in the car even quicker. Most of the surrounding city suburbs have very good schools. You should have a look at
    to get an idea on how much you would need to spend a week on rent for the size of house you would need.
    I am so happy to answer your questions so please feel free to ask! Good Luck.:smile:
  4. judrops

    judrops Guest

    Gracie, you are such a star, taking the time out to help me!
    Your advice is extremely helpful and will give me a good base to start..We have decided to come over for a short time to visit both Perth and Brisbane in August, hopefully this will help us decide what to do.
    I will let you know how we get on, and in the meantime if i think of anything else i will contact you again...
    Many thanks again so lovely to see a fellow Brit, willing to give a moment of their precious time to help another..this warms my heart..(feeling more positive now;)
  5. Joie85

    Joie85 Guest

    Hi we are currently living in Perth and have been since September 2011. We love the beaches and it is the most beautiful coastline we have ever seen. Despite this we are really struggling to call Perth our home. We have hardly made any friends and find driving everywhere a real bore. It is also very expensive to live here we are currently paying $350 a week for an old run down 1970 style oz house, granted it is in a beautiful suburb - Hillarys. We are a young couple with no children and feel that Perth isn't quite what we are looking for at the moment, we feel it lacks a sense of community spirit. We are seriously thinking about moving over to Queensland as everything seems more accessible and cheaper. My biggest wory is there doesn't seem to be as many jobs going over east as the west. Any advice from anyone regards to where to live and jobs would be great as we are both very confused at the moment and can't help but feel we chose the wrong side of Oz!!
  6. judrops

    judrops Guest

    Hi Joie,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us..this is my fear of moving, and i have read lots of people say the same thing of Perth, but to be fair, there is also a lot of people who say they love it.
    I have a huge family and loads of fantastic friends around me constantly, the idea of feeling isolated terrifies me!!!
    The main reason for me even considering moving is for my kids, giving them more opportunities..(and some sunshine)
    Why do you struggle making friends? is it the culture difference do you think?
    I thought with it being an outdoor life in the sunshine, people would be very friendly??

    I would like to be able to walk out day and night in a safe environment, where there is life and things going..Is this hard to achieve there?:unsure:
    When we visit in August i will keep you updated and let you know what we think of both places...
    If we decide to make this move i will be grateful of all the friends we can get! lol


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