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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by THEGARRISONS, Aug 1, 2010.



    Hey Guys and Girls,

    So the other day i thaught i had the final peice of the jigsaw in place, I submitted my Australian police check , then got an email to print off and send in a form cant remeber which number but was basically a declaration id be a good boy and obide by Australian law, Ive submitted that i was thinking thats it i should be ok , now ive read about a phone interview? can anyone shed light on this? Its just myself applying for the visa as wife and kids all hold Austalian passports/citizenship . Im eager i want to buy my plane tickets and go soon ! thanks Jonny

  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi, Jonny,

    I have a spouse visa and went through the process you find yourself in now, They do not usually bother with a phone interview unless they need to clear something up or check something out. I have only heard of a couple of people who have had a phone interview and it has just been a routine type call, nothing to worry about. The vast majority of spouse visa's never get a phone call.


    Fantastic thanks , i found another thread on the net which alot of people were discussing these then i realised most were from countries in the middle east and other countries that how shall we say? may not have as close relationship to australia as the uk does , thanks again! cant wait for this process to finish i know it wi be worth it in the end!
  4. sundowner

    sundowner Guest

    Hi im australian born and my children have citizenship my decent and we three have our citizenship certs and want to return to oz april 2013. my partner of 5 years will need to apply for spouse visa... can you shed any light on how long your spouse visa took to process and the steps involved thanks.
  5. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Sundowner,

    Welcome to PIO, If you are applying for a partner visa from the UK , I believe they are taking around 6 months at the moment to process. there are information pages on the DIAC website to help you,
    Partner Visa Options - Family Members - Migrants - Visas & Immigration

    Take a look at the web site above. If you have been together 5 years and have children you should be given a sub class 100 permanent visa for your partner. You will need to prove that you have been in a loving relationship, although with children this is easier. the sort of things I had to send were,

    Statuary decelerations from UK friends
    Statuary decelerations from Australian friends and relatives
    Proof of joint financial commitment (bank statements and bills in both names)
    marriage certificate.
    insurance documents showing each other as beneficiary.
    Will's, showing each other as beneficiary.
    Rent or mortgage documents in both names.
    You will need 5 years of history to show that you have constantly been together.
    Jointly addressed mail, mail addressed to each of us at the same address.

    Once you have gathered the evidence, your partner will need to obtain a police clearance certificate, this is not the normal CRB certificate, it is a ACPO police check and will indicates any criminal convictions in your husbands past. he will also need to undertake a medical at one of the approved centers. I found gathering the evidence was the time consuming part. if you have any friends or relatives in Australia who can do a Statutory deceleration for you, they must also provide copies of their passport ID page.
  6. sundowner

    sundowner Guest

    thankyou colin much appreciated

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