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  1. Alex Doherty

    Alex Doherty Guest


    Im Alex, 26 year old male originally from the UK, living in West End. I have been in Brisbane around 3 years now and am looking to start playing some pick up basketball, or join a team and play on a regular basis. I have had a couple of replies on here but just looking for a few more so we can have a game against each other.

    I played for high school but that was a while ago so I will need some practice!

    West End/South Bank would be ideal but I drive so I can get around if you play somewhere else, weekday evenings are preffered but if you play weekends im still interested in coming along.

    Drop me an email with your phone number and details where you play, who with, times etc and ill give you a call!

    Cheers, speak soon
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