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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Sparrow, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. Sparrow

    Sparrow New Member

    Good evening all, or good morning to the poms getting up today on probably another glorious sunshine filled day...buggers!! I will be there soon!! way hey!! Just need to know if anyone has any info on parent visa's or retirement visa's??

    I will be down under in Oct, but just need to know the quickest way of getting the old dears down too??? I have got residency in my visa, but know I have to live in Oz for 2 years!! Is there a quicker way??

    Any info at all would be a massive help if anyone has been lookin into this or in the same boat, any info on diff types of visa's or any agents that underwrite would be cool!!

    Cheers all :wink:
    Gemma x
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2010

  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Sparrow,

    I do not know much about retierment visas, but I Think the quickest way is the Contributing parent visa, i think it takes about 2 yrs to process but is very expensive the last i heard it was around $35,000 per person. The DIAC say this is to help offset any medical problems that may occure. the Non contributing parent visa takes around 10 years to process and is a lot cheaper. I have heard of parents who arrive to visit their children and decide to apply for non contributing parents visa when here and then apply for a bridging visa to allow them to stay while the visa is being processed ( 10 year wait) BUT IF THEY LEAVE THE COUNTRY DURING THE WAITING PERIOD THEY WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED BACK. that is the way I understand it? Of course they would have to arrive on a visitor visa with NO intention of staying and decide once here to stay.

    I would suggest you contact a reputable agent to discuss the possibilities. A highly respected agent who deals with this sort of application would be George Lombard. I have inserted the link below and suggest you contact him.

    Welcome to Austimmigration | George Lombard Consultancy Pty. Ltd.

    You need proffessionall advice about the best route to take.
  3. Sparrow

    Sparrow New Member

    Hi Colin, Thanks so very much for your info on this, I will relay back to the folkstones!! Its mad they still have a year left on thier original visa but finding it difficult to come back over with securing a job!! They originally lived on the gold coast for a year and my mum was too home sick...should have given it longer!! We'll get them back down under in the end!!
    Expensive shannanigans isn't it?? Thanks very much for your help, et intouh with that agent and take it from there.


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