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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Kacymru, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Kacymru

    Kacymru New Member

    So after nearly 3 months of preparation: collating documents, printing off bank statements, highlighting phone bills, having medical checks, applying for police checks, etc. I have FINALLY posted off our 820 Partner Visa application last week and received an email with a letter (5 pages) and receipt (for $3060!!) attached confirming that they've received the application, and it could take months to be assigned a case officer and the actually decision itself/ confirmation could take as long as 13 months! Owch!).

    I had a friend who's application took 12.5 months to process.

    Anyone else had any recent experience with this? :arghh:

    To be honest, I 'm just glad they have it in there hands now!! :biggrin:

  2. Julie

    Julie Guest

    Yes - there is backlog - have you been asked to complete a medical and police checks? Put mine in in September, before they announced the 13mth wait - crossing my fingers they stick to the original time frame at least. Good Luck.
  3. cher&livi

    cher&livi Guest

    Hi mine went in in September i also rang a couple of weeks ago and they said it is taking 12 - 13 months, i have completed police checks and medicals also. all the best
  4. Kacymru

    Kacymru New Member

    Well, I got the visa! I was notified by post that it was granted on 14th January.
    I've written about it on my blog, so feel free to have a look. I'm writing this on an iPad and its slow going so can't be bothered writing the whole story out again!! is the blog.

    if anyone has any questions please feel free to PM me - always happy to help :)

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