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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by cal, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    The goverment has announced that all familys who are eligible for family tax benefit will recieve a one off payment of $1000 pr eligible child early December. The idea is to spend it and keep the economy moving,,,spend wisely guys!
    Cal x

  2. ABCDiamond

    ABCDiamond An old Member (agewise)

    We just spent ours on an LCD TV, helping some other countries economy :oops:
  3. bacardi167

    bacardi167 New Member

    I was told (rightly or wrongly) that as migrants, we were not entittled to any state hand outs for the first 2 years. Is this not the case?

  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Bacardi
    We too were led to believe that before we arrived, but alas it may be good news for you.
    If you have been a granted a Permanent Residency visa such as a 136 or 175 (not a 457 sponsored or student) you are entitled to quite a bit of financial help and believe me it really can help for the first few months whilst you find your feet. It mainly applies to family's with children, the younger the children the more you get and if you have 4 children or more you are entitled to extra financial help.

    I have known payments vary from $450 pr fortnight up to $1200 pr fortnight in total depending on each family's circumstances.

    We recently received the above payment (the child grant as in my opening post) and then we also received another $1900 in stimulus payments- simply by being Permanent residents .

    Hope this helps a bit
    Cal x
  5. bacardi167

    bacardi167 New Member

    CAL - thx very much for that

    as we're on a 175 i'll look into that very soon.

    Ill also look into medical stuff as well.

    Thank u V much. I'm certain we'll spk again.

    B (steve):biggrin:
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    On a 175 with children you qualify for Family Tax Credit Part A and B, Child Care Assistance and any of the one off payments like the recent stimulus packages we all received.
    Cal x

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