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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by Chelsea86, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Chelsea86

    Chelsea86 Guest

    If anyone is looking for nursing positions please let me know.

  2. shoegal68

    shoegal68 New Member

    I am heading over in five weeks and will be looking to obtain casual work in nursing. Do you know of positions available?

  3. Chelsea86

    Chelsea86 Guest

    Hi Paula,

    Yes we do. I'll private message you now.

  4. Olly

    Olly Guest

    Hi, i will also be looking or nursing jobs in paediatrics if available, although not arriving until 3rd sept

  5. joinermike

    joinermike Guest

    hi, my wife is in paediatrics and she is hoping to get a 457 visa with the job are there any available ?

  6. karen76

    karen76 Guest

    Hi, me and my family want to move to QLD. I have my Ahpra eligibility letter but would need a 457 visa. I am a childrens nurse currently working on the surgical Neonatal ward at AlderHey Childrens hospital. I would be prepared to change direction though and would work in a community or hospital setting. I would only be available to start work beginning novemeber.


  7. Nicnic

    Nicnic New Member

    Hi Im hoping to be there Sept 2013, my background recently is long term condition management, rehab and previousy A & E, any offers appreciated!
  8. Olly

    Olly Guest

    Hi Karen 76 I am also working at alder hey on the HDU. I know a couple of girls working with you. Ill PM you
  9. Charl.M

    Charl.M Guest

    Hi Im moving over to the Sunshine coast in October time - do you have casual work there for medical nurses?? thanks charl $
  10. samdom1

    samdom1 Guest

    Hi Chelsea,
    I am a senior nurse in aged care...looking for a permanent position?

    Let me know

    Kind regards
  11. Ceyclaire

    Ceyclaire New Member


    im a community nurse with palliative experience. My visa and AHPRA registration are in place and just looking for a job before we emigrate otherwise we're ready to go.. Any positions suitable would be appreciated.


  12. misslisa

    misslisa Guest

    Yes but need 457 visa,living on Gold Coast,am prepared to travel.10 years exp,5 years pre reg and 5 years post reg.
  13. misslisa

    misslisa Guest

    yes in Queensland 10 years nursing experience liusa
  14. samdom1

    samdom1 Guest

    Nursing jobs in QLD

    HI Claire
    Just wondering if you could tell us how your job hunting is getting on?
    With so many various views around the difficulty in gaining a registered nurse or senior RGN nurse job in QLD I was interested to see how your going?

    I hope you don't mind me asking its just that I am in a similar situation to yourself...:yes:and some up to date info would be great.

  15. Ceyclaire

    Ceyclaire New Member


    Im gettin no-where fast to b applying for everything everywhere and not gettin any response from anywhere..really duno wots best keep looking or coming ov n look for job when im there..

    Have u started to look for work?

  16. samdom1

    samdom1 Guest

    Hi claire yes i have been looking on i also been touch with a couple of nursing might be useful ? . ill keep in touch if i find anything else handy i'll let you know x
  17. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    Good luck girls, I am not in nursing, but am also finding it very difficult to find work ..... don't despair ..... hope you find something suitable very very soon x x
  18. Ceyclaire

    Ceyclaire New Member

    Thanx for replies girls..hopefully my job will be round the corner.x
  19. Debgav

    Debgav Guest

    Hi, I moved from the UK 5 weeks ago. Currently living in Bundaberg, iv worked in aged care for the last 5 years however i do want to specialise in Palliative care..My only problem at the moment is the NMC in the UK are dragging there feet sending out my certificate of registration to Ahpra. But hopefully by next week it should be sorted...Id be very grateful if you can point me in the right direction of jobs. Thanks
  20. toast72

    toast72 Guest

    Looking for Mental Health Nursing jobs in the Sunshine Coast. Any idea if there is much work available please? We are in Adelaide at present but looking to relocate if there is work to go to.
    Thx very much
    QUOTE="Chelsea86, post: 14032, member: 4202"]If anyone is looking for nursing positions please let me know.


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