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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by lockwood 5, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. lockwood 5

    lockwood 5 Guest

    Hi Everyone, my name’s Jay. Me, wife Paula & our 3 boys are on holiday in Queensland (Sunshine Coast-Fraser Coast-Brisbane) over Christmas & New Year.
    It’s more than a holiday, as we’re looking to emigrate after our holiday if we can find a possible place to settle, find jobs, a rental property and schools for our boys.

    I’m a Diesel Fitter who works on Earthmovers. I’d like to ask if any of you knows of anyone who would be able to help us in looking for contacts who I could meet in regards to finding a job and working in Qld . We would also really like to contact other families who we could possibly meet and share their experiences of settling a family into Aussie Life.…….

    Kind Regards!

    Jay, Paula & the boys

  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Lockwood,

    Have you been looking on That is the main search engine for jobs.

    SEEK - Australia's no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site

    I do not know how much you have looked into the different areas, but I would imagine your skills would be usefull in the mining industries. It may pay to look at the mining areas to see what is available. Its not everyones cup of tea working in the more northerly areas, but perhaps worth considering.

    Good luck with your search.
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi hubby is a diesel fitter but prefers working on 4wds and smaller stuff, he also teaches common rail diagnostics for a large company. We have been here 4 years and he has not set up on his own and is doing ok.
    Are you dead set on the sunny coast, i have a good idea of a company who may give you work but they are based just south of Brisbane city. Do you have a visa yet?

    Cal x
  4. lockwood 5

    lockwood 5 Guest

    Hi Colin, Yeah I have looked on seek and there appears to be jobs around. think i shall contact a few of the relevant recruitment agencies to find out more. Thanks for the pointers about mining as well, i'll see what i can find out about that...

    Cheers once again!

  5. lockwood 5

    lockwood 5 Guest

    Hi Cal, thanks for your message. Can i ask was it difficult for your husband to find work? I'd be happy to work on other vehicles/machinery if the job itself was a good one, if that make's sense??
    In answer to your question about where? No, we haven't got our hearts set on the sunshine coast, it's going to be about where we all feel happy. We don't ideally want to live & work in a city, hopefully somewhere more semi-rural if poss. But any possible opportunity would not be turned down lightly. We don't have a Visa yet, we are hoping to apply once we return from our holiday..."Only 7 weeks to go!!"
    Can i ask, weren't you on an episode of "Wanted Down Under" my wife Paula think's she's also spoken to you on the Poms in Oz website?

    Kind Regards!
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    LOL, yep we did Wanted Down Under in 2006 and 2009, i was the one who had the hissy fit in the jungle,lol and i am always on PIO so it is possible i have already spoken with Paula, what is your username on there?

    Gary ended up with a choice of job offers, you find UK trained mechanics are slightly more advanced than the Australians ,mainly because alot of the newer engines are only just breaking onto the market here ,but back in the UK they've been around a few years so the lads have had chance to work on them before.
    Before we came we looked at the white pages on line and wrote down all the companys who repair diesels, once we arrived he drove around them all ,selling himself. He then went with who he felt would be best, and even now 4 years later he is self employed he still works 3 days a week for that same company. The majority of his work is on the Gold Coast but we live about 50 mins inland from his work as like you didn't want built up city living and opted for acreage instead.

    Drop me a PM a couple of weeks before you leave the UK and i will ask him to get word out for you. He knows a lot of the garages around Brisbane/ Gold Coast way now. Have you always done larger machinery or do you do smaller stuff (vans,cars etc) too?

    Cal x
  7. lockwood 5

    lockwood 5 Guest

    Hi Cal, yeah i remember you and that erm hissy fit. Also remember your husband who only had to work three days a week a thought what a "Lucky B*****". Our Username on PIO is also Lockwood 5.
    That's good to hear about the demand for English mechanics/fitters. I was thinking of doing the same kind of thing in relation to jobs. I'm kind of old fashioned and don't like speaking on the phone, I'd far rather meet in face to face get a better idea of what's what...
    I looked on Google to see where Jimboomba was, noticed that it was only an hour south of Brisbane. We live in a built up area here in the Uk and i would just like more space for the family, hence the want to live semi-rural. I have worked on various smaller bits of kit before, and have worked in a Toyota dealership when I was younger. Also done work on cars and light commercials as and when i've been asked, but happy to work on cars through to 20 ton + diggers without a problem...

    kind regards

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