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  1. Hey Mandy here (chloe's mum)

    Just wondering if there was anybody near redcliffe/clontarf/ north lakes area that would like to get together and meet up. We emigrated almost a year ago from Edinburgh, Scotland and are now living down in Clontarf. There is my husband gordon and my two kids Chloe (Aged 17) & Jayden (Aged 3). So if anyone would like to get together and maybe we can arrange family gathering that would be awesome, thanks

    Mandy :)

  2. elena

    elena Guest

    Hey Mandy, think I tried to organise a meet up with you before, but with your shifts it was getting tricky. Would still love to meet up for a natter and a drink. Not sure if you still have my number, let me know. Elena
  3. Dennise

    Dennise Guest

    Hey guys, we are moving over to the Redcliffe area in 2 weeks time...I am looking to settle in either the Mango Hill area or North Lakes...any advice???

  4. elena

    elena Guest

    Hi Dennise, what sort of advice are you looking for? We live in Kippa-ring, which is on the Redcliffe Peninsula and love it here. Kids enjoy their schools and have loads of activities. Not too faraway from anything. North Lakes is massive and plans are for it to be extended even further. Both there and Mango Hill have lovely houses, but I always feel the houses in North Lakes are really close to each other.Just fire away with any questions and I'll see if I canhelp. Good luck with the move, the weather is great at the moment. Elena
  5. jendav

    jendav Guest

    Hi everyone, have you met up yet?...can I join you? Have to own up and say I'm a bit of a fraud as I am an Aussie but have lived in Scotland the last 10 years, so it's more home than here and I miss it baaaaad. Everything seems so foreign here now. Was nearly in tears in the middle of Coles the other day after seeing a bottle of irn bru (which I never even drank but it was so lovely to see it)! Would absolutely love to meet anyone from the UK so if I could join you, I'd be so grateful. I've got two littlies (a girl, almost 3, and a baby boy almost 1) and they're a bit lonely too so would be glad for any company. We're in Aspley, but happy to drive a bit to Redcliffe or thereabouts. Thanks heaps. Jen x
  6. Smackey

    Smackey Guest

    Hi everyone,

    For meetups you could always try looking on Facebook at 'Brisbannittes'. We meet up once each month for a huge park / family style get together. We also have boy / girls nights out that are always good fun. Look us up. We are free and have over 350 members. Next get together is on 21 January from 11 AM at Wynnum Whales Waterpark.

  7. morningtons

    morningtons New Member

    Love to come!

    Hi love to join you guys at the waterpark. I have a 3 and 1 year old and have lived in Mango Hill for 3 months. We are from the Uk and i am desperate for adult conversation.
  8. morningtons

    morningtons New Member

    hi there, we have lived in Mango Hill for 3 months now and love it. Only renting but great size plot.
  9. morningtons

    morningtons New Member

    If shifts allow would love to join you guys for a meet. We live in Mango Hill and have recently started using this site again - i forgot how great it is!!
  10. madcatjane

    madcatjane New Member

    Hi Jenav (Jen), we are in Bridgeman Downs so not far from you and I have a boy who has just started prep at Albany Creek, a girl who was 3 in Otober and a girl who is 17 months tomorrow. We moved over from Edinburgh in October although I'm originally from London and my hubby from Australia (we lived in Perth prior to Edinburgh for 8 years). Whereabouts in Scotland were you? Would love to catch up sometime. Are you free on a Monday at all? Would also be keen to join in with the other meet ups as and when they happen. Jane x
  11. madcatjane

    madcatjane New Member

    Hi I'm meeting a couple of Mums on Monday at Go Wild Indoor Play Centre at 9.30am if anyone would like to come along. Jane
  12. Pinkpiggy

    Pinkpiggy Guest

    Hi, I know that this thread is a bit old now but we are moving to North Brisbane next month, we are living in Sydney at the moment we moved to Oz a year ago and not looking forward to the prospect of relocating and resettling again so soon!! I have a 3yr old and a 16 month old and would really like to meet up with others in similar situation for coffee and play dates for the kids or socialising in evenings/weekends.
  13. madcatjane

    madcatjane New Member

    Hi there

    Hi Pinkpiggy!

    Woud love to catch up when you arrive. Do you know where you will be living? I have a 5 year old in prep and a 3 year old and 18 month old (both girls). When do you arrive? We came over from the UK in October.

    Good luck with the move.

  14. Pinkpiggy

    Pinkpiggy Guest

    Hi Jane,

    Thats great would love to meet up!
    I'm dreading moving again and having to start afresh with finding different activities for the kids etc, but I just keep thinking I managed to do it in Sydney so should be able to do it all again!! We haven't got a house yet but have been up to Brisbane a few times now so looking around Bridgeman downs, Albany creek areas and also around North Lakes, it all depends what properties are available around the time we move but everywhere seems easy driving distance from each other. We are moving up on the 21st April. I have a 3 yr old girl and 16 mth boy.
  15. madcatjane

    madcatjane New Member

    Sounds fab, will pm you my mobile and email. We are in Bridgeman Downs and my son goes to Albany Creek School. We looked at North Lakes initially but decided it was a bit too far out as my husband works in the city.

    How long have you been in Sydney? Where are you from originally?

    Look forward to meeting up.

    Jane x
  16. Pinkpiggy

    Pinkpiggy Guest

    We have been in Sydney for just over a year but moving to Brisbane with my husbands work. I'm originally from Worcester but lived in Lancashire for the past 10 yrs where my husband is from. Where abouts are you from?
    Looking forward to meeting up, will message you when we get up there!

    Liz x

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