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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by Dennise, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. Dennise

    Dennise Guest

    :laugh:Hey guys,

    we are moving over to Brisbane on 24th October. I am looking at going towards the Redcliffe area and really fancy North Lakes State College for my two girls-11 & 12 years old.Anyone got any experience of this school or any other schools in the area??:wink:

  2. NZPom

    NZPom Guest

    Wish I could help you. I asked the same question on Poms in Oz a couple of months ago but had no reply. Will be very interested to see what the replies are to this!
  3. elena

    elena Guest

    Can't comment personally, but I have heard lots of good things about North Lakes State College, I think they are quite strict about the catchment area though. Redcliffe State High also has a really good reputation. There are quite a few state and private schools aroung Redcliffe and North Lakes and truthfully I don't think there are any really bad ones. I have one child at a state primary school in Redcliffe and we are really impressed, my older child goes to a private high school and is thriving. Hope this helps you. Elena
  4. spadgersdad

    spadgersdad New Member

    Give a call, they live at North Lakes and offer short term accommodation they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the area, Schools etc
    Good luck

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