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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by Xenon, May 21, 2011.

  1. Xenon

    Xenon New Member

    Anybody have kids here?

    I see that North Lakes as a suburb is set to grow more than twofold. Does that mean the school is half empty at the moment?

  2. hannash

    hannash New Member

    hey xen have you found out anymore about that school ,at the moment we are loking at bounty blvd primary not far from there
  3. Danandem

    Danandem Guest

    Hi! The school is not half empty but the developing going on around the area includes education facilities. A new secondary school is due to open in Jan 2012 in Murrumba Downs which will probably halve the North Lakes catchment. There are so many schools around here I don't think there will be a problem. Mine go to Kallangur State School at the moment and I couldn't be happier.
  4. hannash

    hannash New Member

    hey emma ,my cousin moved to kallanger 3 years ago and couldnt say enough good about it ,,,and not just the area he talks a lot about,,, the people around there also are helpfull ,,something not a lot of people mention on here ,,,where was that photo taken,, looks class ,,,,we are thinking around that area somewhere,, and also have 2 girls also 9 and 6 what age did your 2 start aus school
  5. Danandem

    Danandem Guest

    We really like Kallangur, we prefer more established areas. The people have been so friendly and like I say the school has been great. The photo was in Rosebud in Victoria, pure paradise! My 2 started school in Victoria in June 2008 but had to move up a grade when we came up here, they are coping brilliantly. Apparently kids born in 2001 go into grade 5, 2002 into grade 4 etc. There is a big change happening up here over the coming years so kids will move up to secondary school in grade 7 instead of 8 which will be in line with the rest of Australia. Murrumba Downs is piloting the scheme starting 2012 although not all of Kallangur falls into the catchment so we are starting to think about what to do now, luckily we're just renting at the mo lol. When are you hoping to move over and where in the UK are you from?
  6. hannash

    hannash New Member

    hey dan ,we may have to rent also ,,,we are from northern ireland,, and got a 175 perm residency end of june so we have to validate before the start of feb2012 ,,you couldnt give houses away were we live ,,and may not have the money for buying with deposits and stuff so renting is maybe what we have to do ,,to tell you the truth diac has put us of mucking us around for nearly 3 years ,we have to sell it to ourselves all over again and get the whole momentum in our heads reignited so to speak ,,,
  7. Dennise

    Dennise Guest

    Hi glad I have found this site..I have been spending most of my time...ok probably all of my time on Poms In Oz...desperate for some advice!!! Moving to Brisbane on 24th Oct and have 2 aged 12, 13 in April and a 10 year old, well she'll be 11 in October. I am looking at any advice regarding school years, good schools,etc. We are going to hopefully live in the Redcliffe area but I like the sound of North Lakes....? Advise please....x


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