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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by GoJo, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. GoJo

    GoJo Guest

    Hi, :biggrin:

    We have just signed up to Brits in Brisbane and looking forward to sharing experiences with everyone, there are four of us and a huge choc lab all hoping to desend on Brisbane asap. We have only just started the visa process. so a while to go yet.

    Got my date academic ielts booked, and already stressing about it. :eek:

    Go Jo and family

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Jo
    Welcome to BIB, the visa process can sure be stressful at times but feel free to come and vent here whenever you feel the need,lol
    Good luck with everything
    Cal x
  3. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    myself and nikki are hoping to be goin to brisbane hopefully end o the year she to is about to book her ielts test she s a nurse im a roofer
  4. GoJo

    GoJo Guest


    It's nice to be able to speak to people in the same situation and support each other.

    When Nikki books her ielts tell her to look at other institutes nearby as they may not be

    as booked up. Hope this helps. :biggrin:

  5. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I am so glad IELTS wasnt around when we applied, no way would hubby have passed that,lol
    Good luck

    Cal x
  6. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    Hi its nikki cheers. Im not looking forward to the ielts im good at my job but hopeless at tests. Have you seen it its a nightmare theres a graph and you have to look at it and use 150 words to describe what you see whats all that about. And the most annoying part was when i rang to try and book it the person who i was speaking to wasnt English and couldnt understand me. x
  7. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    Hiya its nikki im hoping to book it at liverpool, not looking forward to it im no good with tests hate them, especially graphs which is one of them. What the hell has that got to do with nursing. Any tips for the test is it as hard as it looks. x
  8. GoJo

    GoJo Guest

    Hi Nikki

    I ordered 'Top tips for IELTS academic' book from University of Cambridge ielts web page it was ten pound. Lots of really good tips and a CD rom with a practice on. I pick it up every time I have a spare minute and finding it really useful. I've ended up going to Leeds and live near Manchester, think this whole process makes us do anything anywhere!

    Take care :laugh:

  9. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    cheers Jo i will have a look and order it . When are you hoping to go. What do you do. Are you on face book if you are give me your full face book name and we can help each other x
  10. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    Hiya its nikki i feel i already know you all i watched you all on wanted down under you were all lovley. Bet you are well settled now xx
  11. GoJo

    GoJo Guest

    Hi Nikki

    Not sure where to go, we've got a long way to go yet I think! I like Buderim, I need greenery and scenery around me. There are so many nice places so will probably change my mind a million times. I need to be near childrens services as I am a children's nurse. Are you child or adult nurse?

    Sorry I'm not on facebook i've seen how it invades everyone elses lives. I might give in one day but resisting for now.

    Jo :biggrin:

  12. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    Jo i am an general nurse working in Coranary care at wigan infirmary but we live in ST. Helens we have a 2 yr old boy bailey. I havnt been on face book long i used to call every one for bieng on it but its really good for catching up with people you havnt seen for a long time. Just caught up with all my friends from edge hill were i did my nurse training. My best friend lives in brisbne she moved ther 10yrs ago and we lost touch just found her again and she came over at xmas it as great , they are looking for property for us now, so face book is worth it. we skype every sunday and we are on about an hour and half and it only costs £1.1o. I can add you as a friend if you give me your name just use it for that but i warn you its addictive ha ha. xx
  13. trace1

    trace1 New Member

    Ielts test


    Hope u don't mind me jumping in on yr thread but I am a about to take this awful IELTS test too...a fellow midwife just passed on her third attempt...dont want to scare u but she is English speaking and vry intelligent..think the hardest part of the test is the reading part although is prob different for evryone..havnt booked mine yet am hoping to be leaving for Queensland at the end of the year but because my friend found the test so difficult think its prob best to start practising now..I have also bought the book and CD but there are also lots of online courses you can take that r really friend says this helped more than anything else..just put in IELTS test and plenty will pop up...My partner Neal has the most brilliant saying..has it on his facebook page lol...says 'if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail'...think this is vry apt in this case...I know I would most certainly have failed if I hadnt known how difficult the test was and just arrived to attempt it...but now I know think its best to practice as much as pos...if u nd any help know some good web sites to have a look at..

  14. GoJo

    GoJo Guest

    Hiya Trace

    Nice to hear from you!

    I too agree about the ielts being very difficult. I am preparing myself for the possibility of a few attempts just in case, and doing practice test at every opportunity. Only just finished a degree at university so hopefully will help but not too confident i'll probably be a wobbly mess at the time, ha ha.

    Keep in touch!:biggrin:

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 23, 2010
  15. n00dlz

    n00dlz New Member

    heya, i've got my ielts test on 6th march in leeds and i'm sheeetn meself!!! good luck to everyone doing theirs xx
  16. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    yes please send me the websites if you dont mind, even more scared now your friend had to do it 3times x add me as a friend on face book if you like Nikki macdonald x
  17. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    Good luck for the 6th March x Let us know how you get on xxx
  18. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    Were abouts in the north west are you we live in St.Helens. X
  19. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    theres that many ielts books to choose from i dont know which 1 to get. is 7 the latest 1 x
  20. nrance

    nrance New Member

    hiya this is so scary but exciting .were just starting out not even put away for visas heads buzzing with the what ifs &maybes.hope its easier for you.

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