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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Linzwhit, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Linzwhit

    Linzwhit Guest

    Hi All,
    I thought I would introduce myself and family and give a bit of background info. I'm 34 and my hubby the lucky devil is 30 and we are(if I can keep him convinced and motivated long enough) looking to start the migration process ASAP. It's always been my dream to end up in Oz however my hubby has his own stonemasonry business here in UK and is struggling with the obvious huge drop in earnings and the fact that he will need to work for someone else. Whilst I understand his reservations I absolutely hate my life in the UK and can't wait to move. We also have a daughter who is 4yrs old and another on the way...I'm due in November. I want a better lifestyle for my children and all of us really and even though his earnings are good here to me it isn't make our lifestyle any better....naff weather, struggling to entertain children, not really living any sort of a life!
    So I have been in touch with 2 agents who have looked at our CVs and it looks like my hubby will need to be the one taking the lead. He's a stonemason and I'm a nurse but I currently just do bank work to fit in school run etc so don't ht the 20hrs per wk every wk. I also run my own aesthetic and permanent makeup business too nut unfortunately the hrs worked on this wouldn't be counted. So hubby it is...which is difficulty when he's not completely open to the idea. It looks like we will be going for an independent visa so that we have flexibility with where we want to go so we re looking at QLD even though I have only ever been to Cairns and Sydney before.
    We are thinking Brisbane or the Gold Coast...Forest Pines area as we live quite rural at the minute, surrounded by fields in a barn conversion and wonder if Brisbane would be too built up for us. We would still like to be able to commute in though as currently we are about 30 mins outside of Manchester.
    So really we would live any advice or words of wisdom on moving to this part of Oz as I'm sure you all know already it's such a massive undertaking it's hard to know where to start. Also if tere are any of you out there with young families or are nurses or stonemasons we would absolutely love to hear from you.
    Well that's us in a nutshell. Hope I haven't bored your all too much. I,m sure I'm going to be on here mothering and asking one question or another throughout this process lol!! Looking forward to chatting.

    Linz x :)

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Im not stalking you honest !!lol
    Could you get out here for a look at areas before you come for good ? It could save some time and leg work when you arrive.

    Pacific Pines is ok, many love it ,many hate it... Its too built up and like a rabbit warren for me personally but suits a lot of people.
    If your a nurse and thinking of doing that here, it may be worth looking at the locations of the hospitals as you dont want a huge commute.

    Cal x
  3. Linzwhit

    Linzwhit Guest

    Hi Cal,
    I was thinking of maybe Xmas or Easter time next year as my little girl starts school in September and we will be tied to those damn school holidays!. It also depends on how brave I'm feeling as we have our 2nd child due around 12th November and we have put travelling long haul off for nearly 5yrs with the first one so I'm going to have to 'man up' this time and just do it!! Some do think that it's easier travelling with a baby I suppose.....if we get a calm one this time that would be good! I've been pining to come back to Oz for the past ....gosh almost 7yrs.
    Do you think we'd be ok those times of year and with a new baby? Whereabouts do you live Cal and what's it like near you?

    Linz x
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Xmas can be hot, Easter not too bad, so id side with Easter as bubs may struggle with the heat at first. I was petrified of flying with 2 kids (one was 3 the other 8) as they didnt even sit still to watch a film never mind a hugeeee flight,lol, but ive done it twice now and both times its surprised me how easy its been and occupied the on baord entertainment keeps them. Bothe time we flew with Singapore and they were fab, we also just stopped for a few hours at Singapore 'to get the journey over with' and this as worked great too. Golden rule- (although hard for bubs) they only sleep when in the air,lol....

    We are just under an hour south of brisbane city and same inland from the beaches of the gold coast. We live on acerage and have been in this area since we arrived,i have watched the area and estate grow, its great, safe and friendly ,i love it..
    Im about 25/30 mins from Pac Pines, (if you look on a map, work inand via Canungra)

    Cal x

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