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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by shoegal68, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. shoegal68

    shoegal68 New Member

    hi all just thought i would introduce ourselves.

    me hubby and son coming to oz on 457 visa my hubby is coming in.Jan me and our little boy in April.

    been lurking for a wee while obey forum but time has come to start asking lots of questions lol!

    just wish i was at the airport now!x

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Good Luck with your move and feel free to fire away with any questions, we will do our best to help.

    Cal x
  3. kelsb21

    kelsb21 New Member

    Welcome to the scary world of emigrating. Where you heading too? Your find lots of good stuff on here.
  4. singgo

    singgo Guest

    hello we are in the same boat... also leaving april wish we was going now too :D
    we have changed our minds 3 times this year where to settel,,, finaly we think the sunshine coast is the place for us.
  5. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    The Sunny coast has some beautiful suburbs, its a good choice if you can secure work up there and dont need to regually commute to Brisbane. Lots of luck with everything

    Cal x
  6. singgo

    singgo Guest

    ive been offered some part time work and i think ill get some Tiling/ building work also... ive been looking on gumtree and jobs have been comming up, so its a have a go a see if we can make it work... if it dont we will retreat to brisbane so thats not a bad plan B haha
  7. the scottish smiths

    the scottish smiths New Member

    we fly out tomorrow, squeeky bum time, were all emotional wrecks. cant wait to get on the plane to be honest. good luck everyone

    Gordon, lisa and becca
  8. shoegal68

    shoegal68 New Member

    Eeh good luck Scottish smiths how exciting!

    we are hoping to settle in.Springfield lakes eventually or husband will be based in Loganholme but won't be there all the time so its hard ti choose where to live!

    just in process of sorting flights is onmarket but i.think we'll have to leave it empty.

    when is everyone else heading over?

  9. Gill & Dave

    Gill & Dave New Member

    Hi we are hoping to go in Feb 2013, my husband has been offered a job in Eight Mile Plains but we have nowhere to stay yet, can't seem to find anywhere furnished, have you got accommodation sorted?
  10. shoegal68

    shoegal68 New Member

    no we haven't my husband has somewhere to stay for a couple weeks on his arrival tho.he plans to probably just rent a room thru for a few weeks after that while he finds us a long term rent (with me guiding him every step of the way by e mail of course ;-)) ). he will.have ten weeks between him getting there and us arriving so hopefully he'll find somewhere in that time!

    i have ntt seen any furnished accommodation we are planning to.just start from scratch with a furniture pack from ikea once we are there. and send over linen kitchen stuff tv personal effects in move cube.
    looked at the amount of furniture we have and the value and it wouldn't come anywhere close to filling a container.

    where are u hoping to live?have u seen any furnished places?
  11. shoegal68

    shoegal68 New Member

    ssorry just seen eight mile plains!whereabouts is that?
  12. Gill & Dave

    Gill & Dave New Member

    Don't know where we r going to live and have no knowledge of suburbs, we might stay in a holiday village for a few weeks but they are quite expensive as there are 5 of us. The only furnished places I have seen are awful and I wouldn't like to start our new life in one of them! We haven't sent our furniture yet, but we will be taking everything so will be having a full container. By the looks of things my husband may have to do what yours is doing and go first to find somewhere, but he doesn't really want to. Where are you planning on living? We will probably be south of river as this is where the job is.
  13. Gill & Dave

    Gill & Dave New Member

    Don't know where we are planning on living, the job is south of the river (Eight Mile Plains) so it will probably be around there for now, but have no idea what suburbs are nice. We can't find any furnished accommodation, unless it's a flea pit, which I'm not having, so the only other alternative I've seen is Brisbane holiday village, but it's quite expensive to stay for 3 or 4 weeks or so. Don't know whether my husband will do the same as yours and go over on his own, but he doesn't really want to do that. We will be filling a container with our furniture so will be bringing everything, so we didn't want to go hiring or buying more furniture because we would just have to get rid of it again when ours comes. Where are you planning on living?
  14. Gill & Dave

    Gill & Dave New Member

    It is south of the river, I found it on the map the other day and it's not too far from the city, about a 20 minute drive.
  15. DeniseH

    DeniseH Guest

    We are also moving from Scotland to Brisbane, husband going Feb to start his job, then me and two girls will follow in April, can't wait to start our new chapter.
  16. Gill & Dave

    Gill & Dave New Member

    Hi Denise, just seen your other post which says you are moving to Manley West, we were looking at that suburb because my husbands job will be in Eight Mile Plains which is not too far from there (on the map)! Have you any idea what it is like there? We are looking for a nice suburb as well, but don't have a clue what to go for, we will have to book somewhere to stay before we come over in February.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2012
  17. shoegal68

    shoegal68 New Member

    we fancy Springfield,Springfield lakes,oxenford,helensvale or coomera waters/upper coomera.

    just booked my.husbands flight he goes on 20th Jan.just need to book me and our sons now for April :D
  18. DeniseH

    DeniseH Guest

    Manly West was kinda picked for us, we are renting from a distant relative for a year til we find our feet. For the first 6 weeks husband is there he will be in serviced apartments in cbd i think.

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