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  1. the scottish smiths

    the scottish smiths New Member

    how you going..... (will never get fed up of hearing that). we have just arrived in Brisbane a week or so ago and are finally moving into our house tomorrow. so now is about the rite time for us to meet some of you wonderful poms in Brisbane. were a young couple (33 and 27) with a daughter of 5. please get in touch or pm me a contact number. Gordon

  2. Rich&Zoe

    Rich&Zoe Guest

    Hi Gordon,

    We are also new to Brisbane and living in the Bayside area. Have a young family William 5, Isabelle 4 and Beatrice 8 weeks!!

  3. the scottish smiths

    the scottish smiths New Member

    hello Richard. you living down by the coast, the Australian dream, I actually wanted to be down by there but the job offer came from west of the city so we ended up in the gap. how long have you been here? gordon
  4. Shell

    Shell Guest

    Hey! We are the Scottish Rennies new to Brisbane! Only been here a few weeks and keen to meet new people! We are in Toowong, originally from Cumbernauld!
  5. Rich&Zoe

    Rich&Zoe Guest

    Hi Gordon, arrived here in August and must say can't complain about where we are staying as being close to the water is deffinately good fun ;)
  6. the scottish smiths

    the scottish smiths New Member

    brilliant, not been to the beach yet. i think there is going to be a social event this sat. lisa becca and i will be going so please come along if you can. keep an eye out on the forum and on pomsinoz for it, if i see it i will cut and paste it to you
  7. kelsb21

    kelsb21 New Member

    Hi Gorden how is the Gap OH arrives on the 8th Feb and the hunt begins for a place. The Gap Ashgrove and Cleveland are on the short list. Hope it's going well.
  8. the scottish smiths

    the scottish smiths New Member

    well i think the house next door will be coming up soon, its a tad small but has a pool. search for desbet street
  9. andie74

    andie74 New Member

    hi we are a family of 4 me 38 hubby 43 girls 2 and 5 we are in the manly west area would love to meet up with others as it can get a bit lonely on your own out here pm me if anybody lives nearby and fancies a meet up andrea x
  10. lesleybruck

    lesleybruck Member

    Hi andrea, we arent in brisbane just yet but hopeing to arrive around april time, we have three boys aged 12,5 and 10 months. Whats your area like? its so hard to choose a good area especially as we need somewhere not to far away from city for hubby, ian, work and need primary and high schools. Would love to be by beach like most people but proberbly couldnt afford it lol keep in touch would like a few friends b4 we arrive would be great.
  11. andie74

    andie74 New Member

    hi lesley we live in manly west about 10 min drive to brisbane there is a beach when tied is out but a lovely harbour there are few schools here primary and secondary and lots of childcare centres.We really like this area manly/wynnum cause through week while hubby is working i have everything to hand shops places to go then at weekend we go off to the gold coast for the beach and sun etc.we are lucky cause this is the area my hubby is based.would be great to meet up when you get settled here keep in touch

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