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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by jason, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. jason

    jason Guest

    Hi all i have just registered to this site.

    we are currently going through the process of migration, my TRA is in and i m waiting.
    Just had house valued in birmingham (not great).
    Should we eventually get down under we are looking to settle north of brisbane,
    i have a family wish list, must be close to sea/ beach ( kids ), wife wants to chill out in the sunshine/ live in a 3 bed low rise (bungalow) with en suite ?, oh yes i need a good job, also the wife ????.

    Me i want to be warmer ?????.

    i have been looking at houses on net , caboolture, redcliffe , going to be a while yet so i will keep looking.

    Any one living north of brisbane by sea/ beach 3 bed ensuite give me a clue what i will have to pay thanks speak soon jason.

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Im not North of Brissy but still wanted to say welcome to Brits in Brissy and good luck with your visa
    Cal x
  3. jason

    jason Guest

    Thanks cal all being well should be middle of next year, just playing the booring waiting game ??????.
  4. Hi,
    Just moved to woody point a little further down the pininsula than Redcliffe. The redcliffe, Margate and woody point areas seem to mostly have queenslander type accomodation rather than low set houses. We are renting in woody point , walking distance from the beach. Its a 3 bed Unit with en-suite, walk in wardrobe,air con, balcony. But downstairs is a bit small and open planned with kitchen and breakfast bar into sitting room and there is no garden. Don't get too excited by the photos on the internet they can really disapoint once you get here. We are currently paying a little over $350 PW for our place but it suits us for now as it is clean and modern. When you do arrive make sure you have a good two months of temporary accomodation, not one month like we did. It is quite a lengthy process to rent a property out here as you can not just view a house at will, but usually have to wait for viewing times to be given. If you have the money scarborough would definately worth a look.
    All the best mate.
    Any questions just ask.
  5. jason

    jason Guest


    Hi all
    thanks for the replys some stuff to consider, renting seems reasonable, would like a low set though, strathpine seems resonable .
    just got TRA back and it was accepted.
    I have to do an IELTS test though, penalty for being over 40 ?.
    so i will have to waite to submit visa application untill i can prove i can speak and read english, after 22 years in the RAF should be ok .
    Speak soon jason.
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    congratulations on your skills assesment, and good luck with Ielts, let us all know how you go
    Cal x
  7. Congrats, on skills assesment it should be plain sailing from there in. Its just a matter of waiting now. Fingers crossed.
  8. Welcome

    Hi Jason and family

    Welcome to the site and congratulations on passing your TRA. My OH is a chef (ex army of 15 years) and we have just passed the TRA. State sponsor application was picked up by courier today so we are also going through the waiting game.

    Keep in touch as it seems we will probably be there about the same time!

    All the best for the rest of your application.

    Donna, Sandy and Morgan:smile:
  9. JonW

    JonW Guest

    Hi everyone

    Another Brummie family here in the throws of the visa process. We're going down the business route. Have submitted a business plan and we're waiting for a response (finger crossed) typically we have been meaning to do this for 12 years, just when we start the process the whole economy goes pear shaped!!
    We are also looking north of Brisbane, Pelican waters looks nice, any comments??
    Anyway we are coming over again in August so if there are any meet ups/events we'd love to attend.
    Sorry Jason to hijack your thread but seeing as I'm a fellow Brummie (the blue half) I'd hope you wouldn't mind.

    Kind Regards

    Jon, Wendy, Jack (10) & Hugh (5)
  10. the dougans

    the dougans Guest

    hi we are new to this site had 175 submitted since dec 08 now in process of applying ss to qld oh is a carpenter. poss look north of brisbane. we have changed direction as we were going to victoria but carpenter not on their ss list, so any help with qld appreciated work, homes for rent etc
  11. Fred

    Fred New Member

    Lots of new people! Welcome to all of you.

  12. MelanieS

    MelanieS Guest

    Hi, My name is Melanie and I am hoping to relocate to Brisbane in the next 18months.
    My partner is from Brisbane so at least it isn't too alien to me.
    We hope to settle in the Upper Mount Gravatt/Sunnybank area.
    I would love to meet other Brits in Brisbane to hear your stories about moving to Bris and also maybe making some friends along the way.
  13. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Melanie welcome to BIB , and lots of luck with your move we are just down the Mt lindsey from where you will be going so can have the kettle on ready,lol
    Cal x
  14. English~Rose

    English~Rose Guest

    Forum Newbie

    Hi, I'm Rosie. Been in the Brisbane area for 14 years after a huge battle to get here in the first place, to start a great new life with hubby. It hasn't been a happy time, no Ozzie dreams for me and I would like to return to the UK but am pretty much stuck here now. At least it's sunny and has Cheezels...:cool:

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