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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Nick'n'Trish, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Nick'n'Trish

    Nick'n'Trish Guest

    Hi everyone, we've just joined and i'm new to this thread thingy, so I'll apologise in advance for any boo boos!
    We are new to Sunny Qld though not to Australia - we've just arrived from Adelaide, though originally from Cheshire and hubby's from Kent. Its brought back alot of the old newby memories - not knowing anyone, not knowing anywhere, getting used to the Qld way, have we done the right thing etc etc.
    Life's certainly different here than in Adelaide and taking some getting used to. We're in Redcliffe at the moment and looking around to see where settle......though we don't think its going to be on the Peninsula.
    Love Queensland and enjoying our new adventure so far. :lol:

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Yep I'll still be doing my turkey and trimmings!!

    :p Trish

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