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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by heavenly therapies, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Tracie

    Tracie Guest

    Hi Rudi

    Thanks for the welcome. Our heads are all over the place at the moment and we are scared of making the wrong decision in where to live. It would be ok if it was just the 2 of us, but we don't want to keep moving our 8 year old son from school to school. How did you make the decision where to live? do you have any children?
  2. Tracie

    Tracie Guest

    Thanks heavenly. Expo didn't give us all the answers, but we are only just starting to realise what answers we need. There is so much to sort....... banks, schools, pension transfers, moving furniture, visa, the list is endless. We had a bit of a flap when reality kicked in of how huge a move this is! The house prices in the UK have dropped whilst in Aus they have risen. The UK Pound is not doing well against the AUS Dollar. We are so worried that we may be cashing in at the wrong time? We just don't want the dream to become a nightmare. We are thinking of getting an agent to take all the stress away. Did you do it with any help? what is the most valuable advise you would give someone thinking of moving there? thanks for listening :)
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Tracie
    Sorry i must have missed you joining, welcome to BIB, i hope you enjoy the forum.

    Your right about the exchange rate , it is pretty dire at the moment and sure makes moving lots tougher than when we moved out here. However many familys are still succesfully migrating, you might not be rich but living here makes you realise you dont need to be rich to be happy,, there is sooo much to do for free or very little money.

    Lots of uck with everything
    Cal x
  4. heavenly therapies

    heavenly therapies Heavenly therapies

    Hi Tracie
    yes there is alot to think about and do, i really think we went into automatic mode once we got the ball rolling, i think if we thought about things to much we probably would have talked ourselves out of it.
    Valueable advise, well, in my opinion, if your serious about doing it, do it while your son is still young, my daughter was 15 when we first started the process and was all for it, but by the time we actually came out here she was 17 and she had left school, her life had changed alot in those 2 years and she didnt want to come, but by then we had gone through eveything and where definatley not going to change our minds, although we persueded her to come and give it 2 years to get her citizenship and then she could go back, i really thought she would settle once we had found our feet here, but she didnt, but if your son is only 8 he will go to school and make new friends and will grow up here it will be different, most of my friends have younger kids and they have been just fine.
    When we were going through the process, i guess i never really believed it would happen until we actually got our visa, i guess i put myself in that mind set so that i wouldnt be dissapointed if we didnt get it. But i wouldnt put my house on the market until we got our visa and i would book our flights until we had sold our house, and i am really glad we did it that way because we had so many of our friends who came over the same time as we did, that had to come because they had booked their flight and there house sale had r fallen through or they hadnt got a buyer, they had a huge head ache being the other side of the worrld and still haveing to sell their house, some of then had a terrible time, you dont need that stress once you get here, its hard enough trying to set up a new life here without having to still sort out your old one.
    thatsjust my opinion, but its something to think about.
  5. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    Hi Tracey

    Yes, I have 3 children. You will find in Australia, that kids move schools quite a lot. I honestly would not worry too much about doing that. My eldest daughter started school in the UK, had a year in school in Singapore, 5 years in Sydney and now is at school in Brisbane. She is happy at school and does not worry that she's moved around a bit.

    We were kind of restricted as to area as we needed to be near the pool at Chandler and within a commutable distance from the CBD. We wanted to live near the water, so for us, the bayside was the place we settled upon. We have no regrets about it and love living in this area


  6. bacardi167

    bacardi167 New Member

    dont go to melbourne its a dump ( sorry personall opinion)
    There is a lot of work thier but only as much as in london.
    Dont ask to many questions - "ignoance is bliss" for a reason
    If you sta and debated getting a mortgage now- you wouldnt do it would you?
    I believe
    Chase your dreams - the work is out there and definatelyt so in a growing city like Brissie
    To check for yourseleves try checking SEEK.COM for jobs. I think you'll be pleasantly supprised.
    Good luck
  7. Tracie

    Tracie Guest

    Thanks Cal. It's so good to be able to speak with people who made the move and are happy. We were told today to hold off our application as there are a lot of changes coming in July which may delay things. The more we try to move forward the more stumbling blocks we find. We are toying with whether to get an agent to help us with the application or do it ourselves. They are asking £2500 for completing it for us..... is it worth that? did you do it yourself?
  8. Tracie

    Tracie Guest

    Thanks everyone for your advice and sharing experiences with me. Did anyone do their own visa application or did you hire an agent? We have been quoted around £5000 for costs going through an agent!
    thanks :)
  9. heavenly therapies

    heavenly therapies Heavenly therapies

    Hi tracie
    yes we did our own, we had no problems doing it, if we didnt understand or wasnt sure about anything we found the trade recognition and immigration forums very helpful:smile:
  10. bacardi167

    bacardi167 New Member

    We used an agent and it cost me 300gpb for a family of 4.

    Take a lot of the hassle away as agents are only allowed to submit people who will pass or they will loose thier acreditation. Basically, if an agent says yes after the initial interview then you are going to get in.

    Also a lot of them actually offer a money back scheme on all your fees if you fail.

    We used the Visa Bureau in Fulham,

    Very helpfull.

    good luck
  11. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    We did use an agent and even though they cost i would do excatly the same if i had to apply again.
    There is no doubt its personal prefernce and of course having funds available to use an agent but to me after sitting for days and days typing stuff up i just wanted an extra set of eyes to say ,yep thats great or add this ,sign that etc etc . The agents we used were great, they really helped providing templates ,information etc nothing seemed to much hassle for them,
    I think having my application returned because id missed something would have finished me off,lol the entire process is stressful enough as it is,,lol

    Cal x
  12. n00dlz

    n00dlz New Member

    i'm using an agent and tbh they've been fantastic. they've been pretty much holding my hand throughout the process so far and it's been great being able to have someone review all my docs before sending them off. as Cal said, it'd be heartbreaking sending my stuff off and my application getting rejected cause of a minor mistake

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