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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by jimrie, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. jimrie

    jimrie New Member

    Hi my name is Julie been in Brisbane for a month now in Belmont, I have 4 kids 3 over here with me Jake is 17 and working Chloe is 11 and on school holidays and Tyler who is 18 months oh Dave is working, was wondering if there is anyone around this area who would like to meet up, have a sat nav but it keeps getting me lost lol so dont go to far yet!!! Would be nice to talk to other people here, Thanks Julie x:wub:

  2. Cymru

    Cymru New Member

    Hi Julie

    whereabouts is Belmont? we are on the southside and like you i have a sat nav and still get lost all the time so dont go that far at the moment.

    let me know whereabouts you are and we can work out if we are able to meet up then.
  3. jimrie

    jimrie New Member

    Hi Nicola We are in Belmont Villas not sure if thats south its on Belmont rd, would love to meet, could find my way to a park or carindale centre just let me no love julie
  4. jimrie

    jimrie New Member

    Hi again should have said could even meet at mine there is a pool kids could go in preety empty house at the moment but have a wii for kids to x
  5. Cymru

    Cymru New Member

    Hi Julie

    still havent got a clue where you are. been trying to look on the site but for some reason that keeps crashing.

    i was hoping to meet up with a lady from britishexpats maybe the end of this week, she has a 12 year old daughter. we are both near indoorapilly/jindalee. they have a lovely public pool in jindalee - area you near these areas at all.

    i will send you a pm with my number, if you ring me hopefully we can sort something out.

  6. jimrie

    jimrie New Member

    Hi if you look on you can see where i am, im quite far from u maybe we could meet at a weekend when our hubbys are about he can drive then lol might not get lost i will pm u my number to we are of similar ages im 39, hubby is 45 just have to accomadate our 17 month old!!!! love julie
  7. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Hi Julie, welcome to Brissie and welcome to Brits in Brissie!

    MArk and I are in Sinnamon park in the wests. Marks 44 and a bus driver . me (Joanne) am a nurse and i am 37 next week!
  8. jimrie

    jimrie New Member

    Hi Joanne and Mark Thanks for the welcome, Will have to look at my map again to see where you are Brisbane such a big place, Happy birthday for next week!!!!:smile:
  9. lynnes

    lynnes Guest

    Hi everyone,
    I'm lynne, hope you dont mind me hijacking your thread, we are still in freezing cold england at the moment but hoping to be in Brisbane June/July time. There is me, (51) oh (45) and his 17 year old who will be joining us 2010 when she is finished her A levels, I'm a nurse, got a job in the Mater Hospital, dont know yet what oh will do till we get there.

    We were looking at the Springfield Lakes, Collingwood Park area to live, and help and advice would be gratefully recieved.

    Happy new year to you all
  10. Houndsy

    Houndsy Guest

    Hi Lynne, Springfield Lakes/Collingwood Park is a lovely area, there are a few of us that live there (i'm Aussie, hubby is a Pom) we have a few get togethers (acutally doing one tonight for NYE).

  11. Adam&Claire

    Adam&Claire Guest

    We're new to this site & new to Brisbane & looking for people to meet. Also, is there anyone with toddlers or knows of mums or dads groups out there? Finding it alot more difficult to locate them than when we were in London!

    "We" are Adam (English, 31), Claire (Aussie from Sydney but back after living in the UK for 10 yrs, 36) and Soren (14 mths) and have just moved into a rented house in Alderley (northside apparently given my limited knowledge of Brisbane!). We've just signed up to the BBC group but if anyone is interested in meeting up, please let me know!

  12. snowyhaze

    snowyhaze New Member

    Hi There,

    My partner and I moved to Brisbane 2 months ago and we are living in Springifield Lakes. We think it is Fantastic!! The lakes, the shopping centre, the kids parks, tennis and basketball courts!! Really is a lovely area. We would not move anywhere else! One thing I will say though, is make sure you have transport! There is not too much in the way of public transport at the moment as the area is still so new! But really worth living here we love it!

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