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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by Lyn, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. Lyn

    Lyn Guest

    Hi! I'm 27 and live on the Sunshine Coast. All of my close friends have recently moved (sad!) and I'm now looking to rebuild my social circle with a few close, nice (!) people. I'm pretty quiet in large groups so I'm more of a close-knit-friends kind of girl, but I also love to laugh and have fun regardless of how many people are around. In my down-time I love to read, bake yummy food, watch happily-ever-after movies, and enjoy the beautiful beach. I like to be active with hiking and stuff too.

    I'm looking for like-minded, similar-aged friends, so if that's you and if I sound like someone you'd want to get to know, get in touch! :)

  2. lormcd

    lormcd Guest

    Hey Im new to the Coast so looking to meet new people too :)
  3. Alyssa

    Alyssa Guest

    Hi Girls .. also new here, living in Caloundra (not sure where either of you are) - am 35 from Ireland, moved to Australia just over a month ago so don't know many people - love to meet up for a coffee if you get together!
  4. Zozo88

    Zozo88 Guest

    Hey ladies... I'm 25 and live at North Lakes... Where do you love up he coast? I'm finding it harder and harder to be able to make true friends. It's disappointing and frustrating... :-(
  5. Hi girls I'm new to mooloolaba area and looking to meet new friends. I'm 25yrs of age and moved up here in November.
    If any of you are interested in meeting up let me know.

    Hope to speak soon :)
  6. jessicajane

    jessicajane Guest

    Hi ;) lovely to read your message. I am a 24yo female who recently moved from Adelaide to Nambour. I am excited to meet new friends. I enjoy outdoor activities, dining out in cafes and restaurants and going to the cinemas ;)
  7. Abbi

    Abbi Guest

    Hi! I'm 21 from N.ireland living in Minyama. Let me know how you got on with your friend search!
  8. Christie

    Christie New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    I know this is a few years on but moved to the sunshine coast recently and finding it pretty lonely. How did you all get on? Did you end up meeting some nice people and calling the sunny coast home? If any of you check this and can offer my any kind of advice I'd be so grateful. Thanks :)

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