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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by gore4aus, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. gore4aus

    gore4aus Guest

    Hello All

    Just want to introduce ourselves:

    I am Chris 38, my wife is Sue 34 and we have 3 fantastic children, Rebecca 16, Aaron 12 and our youngest Callum 9.

    We are currently preparing to move to Brisbane in September 2013.

    Whilst we are all so excited to be starting a new life down under we are so nervous as well.

    So much to do and so much to learn and understand.

    Any help, support and experience anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated and if we could make some new friends along the way all the better.

    Look forward to chatting to new people

    Chris and Sue

  2. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    Hi Chris and Sue, and family.
    welcome to the forum, good luck with your move.
    hope we can help you with your questions x x
  3. Ktee

    Ktee Administrator

    Hi Chris, Sue and family welcome to the forum. I suppose one of your priorities will be schools, is Rebecca going to try and do Yr 11 and 12 or will she head to TAFE or work?
    Have you already got a job to go to?
  4. Gill & Dave

    Gill & Dave New Member

    Hi Chris and Sue, we have been here a week now, staying at Brisbane Holiday Village, Eight Mile Plains. We have 3 kids, 20, 16 and 8. So far it's been exhausting, but the place itself is lovely. We are busy looking for somewhere to live, we have 3 weeks left in this place, so we are getting a bit nervous now. So far we have been to North Lakes, Wynnum, Manly, Cleveland, Daisy Hill, Eaglby, Coomera and a few other places but havent spotted anywhere that would be suitable for us all. Having another look at Upper Coomera tomorrow, it's supposed to be an up and coming area. We have yet to sort out medicare and driving licences, but they will be next on our list, there is just so much to do and feel like we haven't stopped since we got off the plane! Good luck with your move, keep in touch, there are lots of people giving good advice on here!
  5. gore4aus

    gore4aus Guest


    Rebecca is a clever girl and just completing her GCSE in england A* student so we are looking for her carry on education but we have been a bit confused which year she would end up in. In september she will be 17 could you advice?
    I have got a job! the problem i have is that i am manager in hospitality and i have got my RSA but you have to complete an RMLV which is a 2 day course which can only be completed once in australia. Register with a number of agencies so have been seeing the jobs that are continually on offer which seams really positive.
  6. gore4aus

    gore4aus Guest

    Hi Gill & Dave

    Thanks for saying hi. We have also been considering staying at the Brisbane Holiday Village! How have you found it? We looked at many areas online but not sure where we want to be. Looking at having a look round like you when you arrive. How have the kids been?
  7. lap70

    lap70 New Member

    We are hoping to go back to Queensland at the end of this year. My oldest daughter will be 16 this year and will sit her Standard Grades this year at school. I have been told that she would have to do both Years 11 and 12 to get the final qualifications for leaving high school to get in to University so should be starting Year 11 at the end of January 2014. Your daughter is a year older though so would mean should would be starting Year 11 3/4 of the way through the school year at the time of your arrival and I am not sure how that would work - you could try to contacting a high school and asking for advice.

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