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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by jimmynic, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. jimmynic

    jimmynic Guest

    Hi, just found this site while on poms in oz.

    We (husband, wife and 3 young boys) want to say hello. We are moving to Brisbane in Feb 12 :biggrin:

    Be good to hear from people moving around the same time and people already out there.

    On a sour note I lost my job yesterday because my boss knew I wanted to move:arghh:, on the plus side not got long to go!!!


  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi and welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about your job ,some bosses are idiots!!! Good luck with the move , we have been here 5 years and are still loving it! lol

    Cal x
  3. Gailxxx

    Gailxxx Guest

    Hi Jimmy,
    We're moving to Brisbane too in 2012.Got a friend over there thats been there for four years and loves it.Hope the move goes well
  4. judyq

    judyq New Member

    HI jimmynic...welcome! sorry to hear about the job! Where abouts are you going?
  5. wozza

    wozza Guest

    Hi Jimmy, wife and three boys

    Just found this site too on Poms in Oz. We also have three kids. Hoping to move to Queensland as soon as our house sells!!!!!!!! Wife also lost her job when she mentioned she would, at some point, hopefully be moving to Aus. Keep strong and Good luck for the future.
  6. jimmynic

    jimmynic Guest

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for your reply's.

    We are not sure which area we are moving to yet, I am thinking north side. Any advise on good areas to settle with kids will be great, good schools, parks etc.

    We are looking to stay at Brisbane Gateway holiday park for 4 weeks when we arrive, any good???

    Also be good to arrange meet ups with people after we get there.

    Back to the job sites now to find a few months work lol!!

    Cheers guys

  7. Hi
    I've been here 22 years and have brought up 2 girls here. We settled in Albany Creek which is north of Brisbane. A great area with parks, schools etc.
    If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.

    Now living on the Gold Coast which is heaven on earth.
  8. madcatjane

    madcatjane New Member

    Hi there, we made the move over in October with 3 young children a boy nearly 5, girl 3 and girl 15 months (how old are your kids?) and are renting in Bridgeman Downs just next to Albany Creek, I would highly recommend this area, great schools, leisure centre, plenty of shopping centres, etc. around and not too far from the city. We were in Edinburgh for 5 years and before that in Perth (Oz) for 8 years. Brisbane is a nice place to live but Australia is not as cheap as it once was unfortunately. I've enrolled my son in Albany Creek State School starting prep in January. I was very impressed with the local schools in this area.

    We would love to catch up once you get here. Would your wife be looking to work? If she won't be and your kids are playgroup age I can recommend a few playgroups and stuff like that, there is so much to do with kids here it is fab for that.

    Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

    Please ask if you want to know anything else.

  9. jimmynic

    jimmynic Guest

    Hi Jane We have been doing alot of research on the areas North Lakes down to Albany Creek ( Hopefully have some job interviews set up for around these areas when we arrive ) and they look great, read alot of good reviews and could see my family settling there. My 3 boys are aged 11,9 and 6 ( all little terrors lol ) and I know this move will be fantastic for them. My wife won't be working to start with, so any coffee mornings,groups, meet ups she could tag along to would be good. I know making friends straight away is abig thing for Nicki, she loves her girly chats and get togethers, so meeting up would be good. How do you find living cost, I read alot it is expensive. I am not to worried about it, make best out of whatever we have. I reckon on my wage an the benifits our take home a month will be $5000 - $6000, will this be enough. Cheers Jimmy
  10. Lisa Nother

    Lisa Nother New Member

    Hi Jimmy, sorry to hear your boss is so short sighted, but as you say, your moving on. We arrive on the 9th Jan and are looking to make some contact, we don't have kids but hopefully that wont put you off. I have a job starting on the 10th so wont be able to do coffee in the week but would be happy to meet up with your lovely lady at the weekend. I'm 45 and hubbie is 50 but we're young at heart. We both ride Harley's and we are looking forward to riding in the Sunshine. Good luck for your move.


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